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Alexei Dulub


Founder & CEO, PixelPlex

Location: New York, United States

PixelPlex team worked with Key clients:  QTUM, Kakao Talk, Oracle, Microsoft, BMW, KazakhTelecom, Peerplays and many others.

Alexei Dulub is the CEO of PixelPlex, former developer of QTUM project and active developer of Echo protocol for decentralized applications. Alexei is passionate about emerging technologies, including blockchain, AI and IoT. He is certain any disruptive technology could be considered viable and productive based on the evaluation of such parameters as uncertainty, acceptance, risk and cost.

PixelPlex has a team of over 100 dedicated developers spread across several countries and continents. The company has several own research labs, both inhouse and as part of reputable world-class universities, and also runs, organizes and sponsors various hackathons, courses and business incubation programs.

With Alexei's profound leadership, PixelPlex continues to develop and integrate blockchain technologies while also providing groundbreaking solutions with AI. Other company's vectors include AR/VR, Voice Over Interface and IoT. Its staff, team members and strong partnership relations with clients is what PixelPlex values most.

Alexei’s education and experience includes:

  • Master’s degree in computer science;
  • Taking part and winning places in math, physics and computer science competitions
  • Oxford’s Blockchain Strategy Programme;
  • Oxford’s Fintech Programme;
  • Oxford’s Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme;
  • MIT Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application program;
  • Ongoing development of QTUM: an open-source flexible blockchain platform that combines the best of multiple virtual machines;
  • Work as a programmer in an international software development team.

As the CEO of PixelPlex, Alexei always stays on pulse of world-wide trends, evaluating radical and incremental emerging technologies, and applies the best approach to internal development processes, modernizing and introducing new techniques.

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