Michael Wong


Director, UI/UX expert

About me

I'm passionate about building businesses and great products that help turn startups into superheroes.

My struggles from growing up in a Chinese-Australian migrant family forced me to be curious, hard working and self-driven. I've gone from selling my spot in the canteen line for $1 (per student) during my primary school days, slapping Adwords on my gaming forum which made me a couple hundred dollars a day to scaling CPA offers through Facebook apps generating over $300,000+ at the age of 18.

Over the last decade, I have built, scaled and sold a handful of online businesses. I have also:

  • Led a number of design teams that helped deliver products to millions of users worldwide.
  • Was given the opportunity to work with great companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft
  • Shared my learnings and experiences at the Adobe MAX conference in San Diego & Las Vegas, Spaceship AU Tech Talks and a few others.
  • Mentored founders and designers from Academy Xi
  • Officially become a Mentor and Advisor for Antler.

On-top of that I have built an audience of 450,000 designers, makers and founders. Instagram (400,000), Newsletter (15,000), Twitter (38,000), Youtube (2,000), Dribbble (4,000).

I am the sole founder and director of Mizko Media. We helped launch 2 Y-Combinator, 1 TechStars NYC and over 70+ startups. We have also worked alongside large corporate enterprises including IAG, Microsoft, Adobe and Australian backed initiatives including AEMO (Australian Energy Marketing Operator).

A few names you might recognise:

Spaceship AU, Snappr (Y-Combinator), Oneflare, HiPages, Freelancer.com, Autotrader, Australia Energy Marketing Operator, MAONENG, PhoneWagon (TechStars NYC), Lantern (Y-Combinator), Soho App, Yard, Cluey Learning, Westpac, Adobe, BT Financial and Microsoft.

Message from the team

The Designership was founded in 2017 by Michael Wong better known as Mizko. Throughout the early stages of his freelancing journey, he struggled to find like-minded people he could meet, share, learn and grow with.

He then took it on his own to build a community where designers from all around the world could gather to talk about everything design and life. Within a couple of years, the community has spread like wildfire and over 17,500+ designers from all around the world has joined the community.

In Jan 2021, Michael has decided to continue building the vision of a more connected design world. A community where anyone, anywhere can meet, share, learn and grow with others from all around the world.

A community much more than design.

Michael Wong Qualified contribution

alt UI/UX Design Career Path

In this post I'm going to be sharing with you the six figure career path for any UI and UX designer