Christine Maggi


Senior Product Designer aka Design Gal

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with 7+ years of experience in everything from traditional graphic design, web design, UI design, and UX design. I've done work for a wide variety of industries and for companies small and large. I focus on creating clean and simple visuals, human-friendly content, and intuitive user experiences. I enjoy getting my hands on the full scope of a project, from research and strategy, IA and design systems, all the way to pixel-perfect designs.

I don't remember who said this, but it has stuck with me ever since

It's what gave me the final push I needed to do what I had been wanting to do for years—start a YouTube channel! I posted my first video in July of 2017 and have steadily been growing ever since with new videos weekly and an ever-increasing subscriber list.

YouTube is one of my favorite ways of giving back to the design community and I love being able to interact with viewers and tailor the content to their needs. Because the industry changes so fast, I love being a voice "on the ground" as a design professional, speaking about the current landscape to offer real-time advice to students or others who are coming into design as a career.

When I'm not making videos, I'm working as a Senior UX Designer at an enterprise company in Baltimore, MD, attending design meetups, and exploring the greater East Coast.

I am currently open to partnerships and opportunities.

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alt Is graphic design dead?

Hey, Christine Maggi here aka design gal. So, in this post I'm gonna give you my personal opinion on this