Kevin Huo


Product/Solution Architect

Specialties: Enterprise wide Authentication/Authorization Web Service, Apache and Tomcat Web Service hosting, SOA, PLM, ERP software architecture, SOA service-oriented architecture, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Jenkins, Oracle/SQL DB, RHEL7, Linux, Bash, Windows, Android/Visual Studio, Eclipse, Trade space analysis, Complex computing system architecture, System engineering, Model based system engineering, Web Service security assessment,IBM App Scan, Code Scan, Risk assessment, Vulnerability assessment

When you hear the word data scientist, you think of modeling, deep analysis, machine learning, and other cool buzzwords. So let's not beat around the bush: databases and SQL are not the funniest parts of being a data scientist. And this is probably not what you are most worried about during the interview. But that being said, since you are going to be working with data a lot, this means that you will write a lot of queries to get it and transform it so that it becomes meaningful.