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Chad Currie


Principal UX Consultant, Slide UX

Location: Austin, United States

Slide UX team worked with Key clients:  AT&T, Sysco, UPS, Harvard,, The American Board of Radiology (ABR), Atlassian, Wayne Fueling Systems, SolarWinds, A Place For Mom, ICF Consulting, KindHealth, Planview, Nymity, Rooster Teeth, Actian, Spanning, VMware, Fathom, T

After 100 clients and counting, I've seen the many ways organizations navigate digital transformation. I bring plenty of UX experience and know-how, but my passion is for building partnerships across design, engineering, marketing, and business teams to deliver products that sell.

What I can do for you:

  • Articulate a product’s north-star experience and get all stakeholders pointing in that same direction.
  • Translate tangled priorities into shared values across business, engineering, design, and marketing teams.
  • Invite customers into the process to both generate and validate ideas.
  • Map a workstream that delivers quick wins while also building towards long term gains.
  • Structure a design operation that delivers research, strategy, interaction design, visual design, front-end specs, and marketing assets.
  • Mentor team members with a patient style focused on teaching repeatable principals.
  • Write, record, and speak thought leadership content that earns an organization credibility and traffic.

After a career detour in the marketing side of the design business, I’m excited to work in software and UX again. Applying data, research, and real user behavior to drive design decisions is the most rewarding way for me to spend my energy at work. I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives by contributing to useful software.

Everyone at Slide UX is motivated by client success above all. That sounds, literally, incredible even as I say it. But I see it in action all day. Some agencies seek the status of big brands or hip industries, regardless of the project. Others just want to build a portfolio of cool-looking stuff. I like that Sliders get most excited about any opportunity to affect the client’s business for the better. The status and portfolio will follow.

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