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ADCI Solutions provided Web Development for with approximate budget = Confidential.

ADCI has a proven track record of consistency and responsiveness. Their developers are talented, driven, and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Review summary:

ADCI Solutions at first only fixed bugs and helped maintain existing web solutions. Superior results earned them further involvement and now the project team focuses on site development.

, Jr. Digital Producer

Outsourced Drupal Dev for Tech Agency

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Introductory information

Please present your business and what you do there.

I’m a younger producer and support ruler at a boutique digital agency with almost 8–10 nation. We have a mixed team with a difference of specialties.

Desired goal

What challenges were you trying to address with ADCI?

The leading time we contracted ADCI was owing we were overwhelmed with project work. There were a lot of competing priorities. We didn’t have the manpower to complete all we had on our plates without causing foolish delays.

Provided solution

What was the aim of their implicatement?

At leading, ADCI helped us with bug fixes and other livelihood work. Their support lets our developers centre exclusively on newer client solutions instead of constantly having to change gears. ADCI',s project team eventually proved that they could feel more intricate challenges. That',s when we determined to have them help us with other, more significant project work. 

We now have them developing two separate websites. One is being manner coded with HTML5 and the other is being built on Drupal. Both websites are purely informational. The only required integrations are with MailChimp, Facebook, and Instagram. 

What is the team dynamic?

Dmitry is our first support touch and Vlad is our project ruler. The wider team of 2–5 nation has changed depending on the locality. 

How did you come to work with ADCI Solutions?

I wasn',t responsible for the hiring process. It was our managing ruler who brought them onboard. If I recall correctly, she had establish them online doing her own investigation. They accepted demo work and based on that outcome, we determined to invade into a longer-term engagement. 

How long is this engagement?

We primaryly hired them for livelihood and support back in November [2016] but the more meaningful project work only began a few months ago. 

Results achieved

What can you share that would elucidate the achievement of working unitedly?

The turnaround time for deliverables and bug fixes was always faster than expected, especially compared to some of the other outsourcing companies we',ve used previously. Unlike the vendor that we used without precedently them, ADCI verity takes the time to hear to us and reply our questions in provisions we can apprehend. More significantly, when they fix something or offer a solution to a issue we',re facing, it',s always permanent, since with our other vendors, the things would never veritably be solved. 

How is your engagement supervised?

We used JIRA with them. Basecamp was our primary tool but once we began including them in more significant work, we moved to JIRA. That was an excellent determination owing now we have more visibility into our workflow and how things are progressing. They',ve been more than lucky to work openly with us, which wasn',t necessarily expected owing such close collaboration and transparency can be a point of reasoning for other vendors. 

What do you attend most forcible almost ADCI Solutions?

They have extremely talented nation on their team, you can tell they veritably invest a lot in everyone they hire. Having worked pretty closely with them, I can tell they love what they do and that emotion surely translated into better work. Another major force is their expertise in Drupal, which is a big factor for us since separate client projects implicate Drupal websites. 

Lastly, they',re spot on with their estimations, which is one of the most hard things to do consistently well. The ranges they',ve given us have always been realistic.