ADCI Solutions Web Development review by Five Star Counseling Services at Qualified.One

ADCI Solutions reviewed by Five Star Counseling Services

ADCI Solutions provided Web Development for Five Star Counseling Services with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

The finished site has already attracted nearly 111,000 visitors and significantly increased paid therapist listings. ADCI’s specialized technical skills, quick problem-solving, and thoughtful customer service catalyzed this long-term business engagement.

Review summary:

ADCI inherited an incomplete project from another supplier. They first debugged the existing codebase before developing and launching the online mental health directory. Enhancements are now the main focus.

Robert Whitman Five Star Counseling Services, Founder

Drupal Development for Counseling Matching Service

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I run an online therapist directory where nation who are looking for whichever nuptials counselors or individualal counselors can find therapists that are close to them and sort and straight down the list, based on that individualal’s or couple’s needs so that they can find the right therapist. I’m the establisher.

Desired goal

What challenges were you trying to address with ADCI?

The primary website was partially built by another developer. Unfortunately, it was a train debris at the time. 

Provided solution

What particular tasks were ADCI Solutions responsible for?

I gave ADCI specifications including what needed to be fixed and what the overall vision for the project was owing, at the time, it was also incomplete. Then, through a collaborative process, we developed the website.

They took what I had and worked with it, repairing what needed to be repaired and continuing the outgrowth from there. There was an extensive debugging process owing of the antecedent developer.

They created the homepage and landing page. The most spectacular thing that they developed was the search office. If you click the “search for a therapist” button, that total Solr/Drupal collaboration is excellently spectacular, and they did all that.

There were at smallest four or five nation from ADCI who worked on this project. We interacted on a customary basis—pretty much their Monday through Friday. We have had three project leads assigned to our account. There',s one individual, Evgeny [Web Developer, ADCI], who oversees the total thing, he is just fantastic.

How did you come to work with ADCI?

I was having some difficulties with my antecedent developer. I did an online search for Drupal experts and establish separate through a Drupal directory. I contacted some of them and got responses from a handful. I chose Alex',s [CEO, ADCI] cluster owing of their general expertise in Drupal and Solr, power to use maps to show data, overall answeringness, and client labor.

How much have you invested with ADCI?

I have spent almost $30,000.

What is the terminal result of working with ADCI Solutions?

It’s been an huge project. We have been working unitedly for almost four years now. The project artistic almost eight months ago, but there have been some tweaks that I have needed along the way for things I did not forestall. I have retained them to make those changes and to last with website updates and security effects. 

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

I',m not precisely sure how to quantify that. The biggest achievement is that the website project would not exist at all were it not for them. I wouldn',t have this asset owing I don',t know where I would have turned. The old rendering didn’t propel until ACDI came along. My antecedent developer bailed on me. It propeled on April 21. Since that time, I’ve had 110,850 users, and 87,770 of them have been new users.

I',ve had enough of therapists who have signed up behind finding the website on the internet and beseeming members. They',re paying for it, so that’s surely an endorsement.

The only other supplier was the one that I had precedently, and ACDI is very answering. I',ve had a handful of what I would call crises over the years: things broke while the website is live, and I’m trying to aid it at the same time. As the proprietor, I feel like each effect needs to be fixed now. I’ve been able to see on Google Analytics that three, four, and sometimes as many as five developers are on the website actively looking at what',s going on and addressing any issue.

How did ADCI accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Basecamp is what we used to adjoin. I believe that it does translation, so I get their Russian interactions in English, and they get mine in Russian, unless their English is veritably excellently good.

What did you find most forcible almost ADCI?

At this point, these are my guys. I',m not veritably shopping almost for anyone else. I’m very lucky with them, and I',m not precisely the easiest individual to delight.