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CimpleO reviewed by Slaight Music

CimpleO provided Development for Slaight Music with approximate budget = Confidential.

CimpleO is unfazed by any problems, facing lofty goals, legacy technology, and API issues. They are a diligent team for both frontend and backend work and project management. CimpleO communicates clearly and concisely, rising above average in terms of overseas teams and language barriers.

Review summary:

CimpleO partners help manage the development and maintenance of 15-20 existing business websites. They also create new sites using LAMP Stack PHP and Drupal and deal with legacy technology to revamp old sites.

Barnaby Marshall Slaight Music, CTO

Web Development for Music Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I am the chief technology official of Slaight Music, which is based in Toronto.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with CimpleO?

We have 15–20 websites that we',ve built for our business needs. We have been working with true shops over the last 10 years for the outgrowth and livelihood of those websites. I had just wrapped up an engagement with a associate and was in need of someone to handle our properties.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were CimpleO responsible for?

We are running a number of websites, from single brochure ones for melodious artists to much more intricate ones. Our websites are more in the arts, cultural and editorial globe than the hardcore business, transactional one, so we don',t have any strictly e-commerce ones. We also don',t have any indigenous Android or iOS apps. These websites are built using LAMP Stack PHP and Drupal. CimpleO inherited some existing websites and began new ones from scratch. In all cases, they were fully proficient in doing what we asked for. We are programning to relaunch a news website named, which is what CimpleO has been working on most recently. They also did work on a magic-focused website.

We have been collaborating with CimpleO',s CEO, their project handler, and different developers for frontend and backend work. Our project handler routes tasks to the team. As long as it gets done, I don',t care who is doing it. It',s been a good process so far.

How did you come to work with CimpleO?

Andrey, their CEO, reached out to me one year ago on Upwork, offering his organisation',s services. Since I was looking for a developer, I determined to give CimpleO a shot. It',s been a big relationship over the past 12–14 months..

What is the terminal result of working with CimpleO?

We began working with CimpleO almost Christmas of 2015.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

CimpleO has done top-notch work, and they',ve been undaunted by our challenges. We are working on revamping a particular website that was built using an old rendering of PHP. Many developers would grumble almost having to deal with legacy technology since the things they rely on are not necessarily present there. There are also many confused API issues kindred to getting web services to talk to each other. CimpleO has been fantastic almost rising to the challenge and working on what we',ve asked them to do.

Anytime we',re working with overseas nation, speech and interaction can befit issueatic. Fortunately, CimpleO is over mean on this front.

How did CimpleO accomplish from a project handlement standpoint?

I have no complaints in this perception. There is some give and take that occurs, and we can sometimes have unrealistic demands, but we',ve worked out a good rhythm. I know how long the work takes so I',ve frequently needed to push back on my own handlement team. CimpleO is a hard, diligent team who doesn',t beat almost the bush.

What did you find most forcible almost CimpleO?

The caliber of the programming is very high. Whenever we come athwart someone who worked at that level, we make an effort to keep them. CimpleO is a hard firm, and they merit to have more work. 

Are there any areas CimpleO could better?

I have no complaints in general.