Digital marketing - US company: Maxilect LLC Artificial Intelligence project at Qualified.One

Digital marketing - US company by Maxilect LLC

Some details


    Replace existing URL shortener
    Migrate historical data
    Redesign and redevelop authorization service 
    Redesign and redevelop DMP module and enrich it with new features
    Redesign and replace DSP module
    Improve UI/UX
    GDPR compliance


At the outset, proper and effective communication

protocols  was established. Business objectives, product vision, product scope and effort estimates were clearly defined and confirmed by our engineering team. The whole project was divided into several phases. The dev. team designed and developed a solid back-end and re-designed, simplified and standardized existing UI/UX.

Scope of work:  approx. 7 man-months.


    Improved URL Shortener was implemented
    Authorization/authentication service was developed
    Solution was implemented in compliance with GDPR
    Satisfied end users and stakeholders

Programming stack:

    Angular 5, TypeScript, HTML5, Sass, Node.js, npm, Angular CLI
    OpenJDK 1.8, Kotlin, Spring boot/data/web
    PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
    Nginx, Tomcat
    Jenkins, Docker
    AWS (ES2, S3, SES, Route 53)

Programmatic advertising solution
Artificial Intelligence