Data Management Platform (DMP) module enrichment: Maxilect LLC Artificial Intelligence project at Qualified.One

Data Management Platform (DMP) module enrichment by Maxilect LLC

Some details

Problem: The client had a strong digital marketing expertise and planned to extend their data integration providers pool to enrich their DMP. We were contracted to integrate multiple data providers and connect them with the existing business intelligence infrastructure. 

Solution: It was a challenge of building data pullers across different APIs and integrate the data into the existing

client’s RTB and online advertising ecosystem smoothly. We developed infrastructure which allows our client to batch and stream data from providers and fork it into different intra-systems in a near real-time manner.

Current status:

Data Integration of 10+ data providers

Processes terabytes data monthly

Scalable architecture

Reporting platform

Technological stack: J2SE, Servlet API, REST API, Apache Kafka, HDFS, Hadoop Hive, PostgreSQL.

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Artificial Intelligence