Test Automation for the product company: Maxilect LLC Artificial Intelligence project at Qualified.One

Test Automation for the product company by Maxilect LLC

Some details

Issue:  The client has needed automated test engineers in order to accelerate the development of products and solutions, and also quality control process automation.

Solution:  We have developed a convenient framework with the help of which the manual testers had the opportunity to create autotests. The BDD (Behavior Driven Development) approach has been used. During the project, we have created about 200 autotests, and

checked more than 15 releases.


At the moment our framework is successfully used by the client’s testers

The client is satisfied with the results of our work

Technologies: Java, Selenide, Cucumber, JDBC, Allure.

Digital marketing - US company
Artificial Intelligence
Programmatic advertising solution
Artificial Intelligence