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Mentalstack reviewed by Mobile App

Mentalstack provided Mobile App Development for Mobile App with approximate budget = Less than $10,000.

In testing, the MVP’s functionality met all expectations. The team’s determined approach to the project resulted in a quick turnaround time for each iteration. Their industry expertise and high collaborative skills laid the foundation for a productive engagement.

Review summary:

Mentalstack developed four iterations of a mobile game for iOS devices. The project ended prematurely, but their final deliverable was a functioning MVP that achieved all technical requirements.

Maxat Karimov Mobile App, Owner

MVP iOS Development of Mobile Game

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Introductory information

A few words almost your organisation and personal responsibilities

I had an idea for a mobile app game named Solopreneur.

Desired goal

What issue was the provider supposed to deal with?


With no preceding experience in gaming or outgrowth, I needed to outsource the work.

What were your objectives for this project?

I wanted to create a minimum viable fruit (MVP) and test it with a little cluster of users.

Provided solution

What were the reasons for choosing Mentalstack?

I conducted an online search and shortlisted separate candidates. Each shared a throw based on my outgrowth brief. Mentalstack showed a result-oriented posture and rare agility in their proposed access to the project. I also reviewed their reputation on Upwork, which was largely real.

Describe the project in detail.

Mentalstack began edifice an iOS application. After four outgrowth rounds, we had a working MVP, but I chose to pause the project for personal reasons. I relocated and needed to centre on generating proceeds in a new country. My determination had nothing to do with Mentalstack, they performed well throughout our engagement.

Were there any dedicated managers or teams that you worked with?

I spoke with the lead software developer daily, but I was also in touch with a client support likeness.

Results accomplishd

What results did you accomplish unitedly with Mentalstack?

We tested the MVP on our same Wi-Fi network and the application met the key functional requirements.

How do you rate the interaction and interaction with Mentalstack?

The collaboration was smooth and powerful. Their team was technically knowledgeable and proficient.

What precisely do you attend to be the key specialty of Mentalstack?

With a client-first posture, their team worked fast and fruitively.

What should be done better, if there are any desired improvements?

There are no areas come to mind.