Facial / Object Recognition solutions: Rhinoda Agency Design project at Qualified.One

Facial / Object Recognition solutions by Rhinoda Agency

Some details

In this video we are demonstrating the result of our work on facial recognition using OpenCV and Python.

Have you ever thought about the specifics of the facial recognition process? People do that unconsciously, but training an artificial intelligence to perform a face analysis is another more difficult step.

The main questions are how it’s performed on AI and why it is considered to be an essential element of

the progress:

HOW? Computers operate through the mathematical formula of the human face, combining all the metrics. This means teaching a computer to carry out the procedure, including decoding and storing digital images, assessment of the individuals similarity.

WHY? Growing number of practical uses of a facial recognition system causes already considerable interest to the technology. Face recognition has spread around the world and promises powerful perspectives. Expanding the influence it bonds to become one of the main technology of a proof of identity. Face recognition technologies allow to pursue automatic search and recognition of faces in graphic files and video stream.


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