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Score: 552000

Softaria is a technology company and consultancy that applies a research-based approach to software development. Innovative and perfectly operating software products lie at the core of any technology-based business, yet great ideas can get stalled due to ...

Avg project size: $5500000   |   Reviews: 1   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Softaria eCommerce Development

Score: 119375

Digital Skynet is an enterprise custom software development company. We automate business processes and provide services in web, desktop, mobile and cross-platform development. We design and develop complex IT products for the B2B and B2C markets. We make ...

Avg project size: $457500   |   Reviews: 4   |   Portfolio: 6 works

Digital Skynet eCommerce Development

Score: 83131

ADV / web-engineering co. is a leading provider of development and systems integration services. We are Microsoft Gold Partner and Bitrix Gold Partner. We are also proficient in PHP and PHP-based frameworks and products as well as Atlassian products and m ...

Avg project size: $225833   |   Reviews: 6   |   Portfolio: 2 works

ADV eCommerce Development

Score: 47500


Avg project size: $220000   |   Reviews: 3   |   Portfolio: 7 works

Metastudio eCommerce Development

Score: 25839

Software development / Mobile development. ZeBrains creates web, desktop and mobile applications for business. ...

Avg project size: $125000   |   Reviews: 2   |   Portfolio: 8 works

ZeBrains eCommerce Development

Score: 23167

SNP specialize in web development of any degree of difficulty, from promo-sites to high-load startups and services.  We are looking for the projects with award-winning potential and exciting or socially important startups. We are ready to invest our best ...

Avg project size: $53333   |   Reviews: 6   |   Portfolio: 5 works

Salt & Pepper eCommerce Development

Score: 20667

We understand that it is ok for the rational person to have questions before starting the project. So we will help you to make a decision and estimate the scope of work on the initial stage, for free.  We work on SLA with a penalty for deadlines. We are ...

Avg project size: $93333   |   Reviews: 3   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Shvetsov Technologies eCommerce Development

Score: 17813

Mobile and web enterprise development experts   Key facts about Sputnik: ✔ 95% customer return rate, ✔ more than 30 implemented projects, ✔ more than 7000 hours worked on other platforms  ✔ 7+ years in Xamarin development ✔ 7+ in native mobile deve ...

Avg project size: $41250   |   Reviews: 4   |   Portfolio: 11 works

SPUTNIK eCommerce Development

Score: 16667

Exceed Team exists for developing profitable solutions for any businesses. We provide full-stack development services, using modern JS stack plus frameworks and libraries and APIs integrating responsive user-friendly frontend with backend written on PHP ( ...

Avg project size: $33333   |   Reviews: 6   |   Portfolio: 6 works

Exceed Team eCommerce Development

Score: 13500

We offer full range of the services in the field of program development: mobile apps, games and VR/AR projects. We build software, maintain documentation, create interface design, graphic design and animation, as well as carry out testing and publish prod ...

Avg project size: $20000   |   Reviews: 3   |   Portfolio: 15 works

Seven Winds Studio eCommerce Development