TOP 100 Design companies in Moscow

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Score: 431652


Avg project size: $1706250   |   Reviews: 4   |   Portfolio: 4 works

Finch Design

Score: 101932

IceRock Development creates iOS | Android | Web apps that drive revenue and excite users. ...

Avg project size: $169500   |   Reviews: 10   |   Portfolio: 12 works

Score: 100311

We are iD EAST — a mobile software production studio. We create effective mobile solutions for business. Our portfolio includes more than 170 mobile solutions: applications for fintech, enterprice, e-commerce, medtech, restaurants, energetics, real estate ...

Avg project size: $164444   |   Reviews: 9   |   Portfolio: 30 works

iD EAST Design

Score: 34058

Redmadrobot's expertise in mobile apps allows us to predict and solve the complex demands of modern businesses. Our background in development, quality assurance and design with an in-house team of 150+ have brought success to some of largest companies and ...

Avg project size: $54375   |   Reviews: 8   |   Portfolio: 13 works

Redmadrobot Design

Score: 32423

Notamedia is a web development and IT services company established in 2004 in Moscow (Russia), with an international branch in South East Asia. We specialize website, Mobile Apps development and in diversified ERP Solutions which is tailormade for all ind ...

Avg project size: $61667   |   Reviews: 3   |   Portfolio: 34 works

Notamedia Design

Score: 22789


Avg project size: $49000   |   Reviews: 5   |   Portfolio: 10 works

Extyl Design

Score: 19374

Picasel Agency is a creative agency based in Moscow focused on web and creative services. A compound brand name formed from Picasso, who represents a pioneer-approach of new artistic genres and the word “pixel”, being the smallest controllable element of ...

Avg project size: $83333   |   Reviews: 3   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Picasel Design

Score: 18139

We are not just a group of experienced developers and managers, we are a team of like-minded people who have hundreds of diverse tasks and projects carried out both for small companies and for leaders in their industries. We know well not only how to wri ...

Avg project size: $5000   |   Reviews: 2   |   Portfolio: 30 works

Score: 17707

Full control and predictable result Increase your product development efficiency by 80% in just two months with the help of our methods. We work on Win-Win We set the goals and deadlines and work on priorities flexibly. We are involved in all stages of ...

Avg project size: $125000   |   Reviews: 1   |   Portfolio: 5 works

RentaTeam Design

Score: 14207


Avg project size: $30000   |   Reviews: 4   |   Portfolio: 8 works

Valysto Design

Score: 13082

The company was founded by designer ArturArsyonov in February 2013. The key staff of the company is based in Moscow.   Our main expertise is mobile applications and web services user interfaces, but our experience is not in any way limited by these part ...

Avg project size: $62500   |   Reviews: 2   |   Portfolio: 2 works

Looi Design

Score: 8214

Oleg Chulakov’s Studio is a digital agency. We know how to create convenient and beautiful digital products: websites, mobile and web applications, interfaces, branding. Our main expertise: design, analytics, development and integration, creative, brandin ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 10 works

Score: 6832


Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 12 works

Etrok Design

Score: 6089

General information about the Company Founding date: 2008 City base: Moscow Offices: Central office (Moscow), Development office (Moscow), QA office (Saratov) Number of staff: 54 Work with freelance staff/organizations: not used Our services: ...

Avg project size: $30000   |   Reviews: 1   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Score: 4707

We opened up an agency in 2018 to achieve the best result in communication between the brands and their customers in different areas. We have always tried to do the impossible and highest in quality. We offer creative, strategic and innovative solutions t ...

Avg project size: $5000   |   Reviews: 1   |   Portfolio: 3 works

Bounds Design

Score: 3332

PunicApp was founded in 2011. Since then we’ve obtained significant experience in the development of mobile and web applications, brought various difficult projects to life. Projects with clients as Toyota, Datsun, Guiness and others. We’ve also worked w ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 1 works

Punicapp Design

Score: 3214


Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Score: 3207


Avg project size: $5000   |   Reviews: 1   |   Portfolio: 0 works

WayToStart Design

Score: 2832

AIR is a digital production company. We analyze, engeneer, make layouts, design, program, put into service and support our projects. Our skills can be used in the whole scope of work, from initial investigations to production and development. ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Score: 2832

Mobile Dimension are the proven experts in enterprise mobile solutions and technologies. Our key services include developing mobile applications, building end-to-end corporate mobile infrastructure, developing unique b2b and b2c solutions, technical suppo ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Score: 2514


Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Design agency in Moscow

In the new information era the visual comms are probably the most important ones. Websites, packaging, videos - all of those communication channels need a proper design to conduct a company's messages to its customers and potential clients.

Best Moscow design studio

It is quite a challenging task to rank creativeness. Having that said, we insist that it is still possible to select the best in-class design agencies in Moscow based on commercial indicators and client feedback.

Interior designer near me in Moscow

A standalone segment is interior design and related services. Architectors and home designers are usually treated as a different type of design studios because of the industry specifics.

Moscow interior decorator

A professional interior design and decor is essential for human well-being. This makes Moscow interior decorators a high-demand speecialists both for B2B and B2C markets.

Kitchen designers near me in Moscow

A distinct niche within the home design is occupated by kitchen designers and bathroom designers. This segment is mostly dealing with retail, B2C customers.

Graphic design agencies in Moscow

Almost every design studio in Moscow is often referred to (and positioned as) a graphic design company. This is not a tautology, however the difference is sometimes indistinguishable. Basically, graphic design is commonly associated with classic communication channels that involve print, packaging, logo design.

Design firms in Moscow

There are various types of design studios in Russia with different specializations, peculiarities and focus. Let us outline those with highest demand in Moscow:

  • Packaging designers
  • Graphic design companies
  • Interior decorators
  • UI UX design agencies
  • Creative design agencies
  • Corporate designers
  • Home designers
  • Visual communications agencies