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Software engineering

It incorporates the software development and building of computer and applications software.

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Software Development

Beginning with software design and prototyping, the software development process includes also testing and bug fixing.

Software Outsourcing

Finding a high-skilled full stack software development team is costly and challenging, as well as the software development management itself.

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Reviews on Software Development agencies in London

Score: 388089

Opinov8 is a technology innovation partner, with an Opinion, which engages with our clients at any stage in their product engineering and development software pipeline. Focusing on business solutions being mainly full life-cycle development. We are driven ...

Avg project size: $1100000   |   Reviews: 6   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Opinov8 Technology Services Software Development

Score: 88902

Global Talent was founded in 2017 by four tech entrepreneurs with backgrounds in startups, Apple, Nest & Google.  We worked with founders of high growth startups and over 40 CTOs to understand exactly what's needed to support an aggressive roadmap within ...

Avg project size: $331250   |   Reviews: 4   |   Portfolio: 6 works

Global Talent Software Development

Score: 63500

Seb Azzo is a top custom software development company that has been in the software industry since 2012. We are a reliable web and mobile app development company with offices across the UK (London) and Malta. Our team has helped hundreds of organizations ...

Avg project size: $600000   |   Reviews: 1   |   Portfolio: 3 works

Seb Azzo Software Development

Score: 62514

Remote teams. Exceptional project management. Proven results.  Clurgo is a global Software Development & IT Outsourcing company. We design, develop and deploy custom software solutions for companies that want to make an impact through technology. ...

Avg project size: $103500   |   Reviews: 10   |   Portfolio: 5 works

Clurgo Software Development

Score: 47000

Established in 2009, building on our founder's years of experience of successful delivery for Tier 1 investment banks, we've delivered many innovative solutions for our clients. We focus on Agile and Lean software practices, best of breed technology and r ...

Avg project size: $300000   |   Reviews: 2   |   Portfolio: 0 works

51zero Software Development

Score: 5500

Layertech is a software consultancy and development boutique passionate about transforming global businesses with digital strategies that perfectly execute. ...

Avg project size: $30000   |   Reviews: 2   |   Portfolio: 2 works

Layertech Software Development

Score: 5125


Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 6 works

Content Formula Software Development

Score: 5125

HoustonApps offers a boutique service in curating and managing full time and full service software engineering teams for your business. We take the pain of finding and maintaining a high performing and loyal development team away so that you can focus on ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 10 works

HoustonApps Software Development

Score: 3514

Xoomworks Technology specialises in working with companies to deliver competition-beating technology solutions. We cultivate an inquisitive engineering culture within our organisation to produce cohesive, high-performing and technically innovative teams t ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Xoomworks Technology Software Development

Score: 3214

For 26 years, Core has been delivering technology consultancy to a range of industries. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner offering services around the entire Cloud platform. We work with our clients to solve business problems, reduce costs, increase efficie ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Core Software Development

Software engineering in London

As your business grows, eventually you find yourself incomfortable with standard software packages and presets. At this point you need a software development engineer (or a software ousourcing company in London) to customize existing software solution (or build a new one from scratch).

In United Kingdom Software Dev is a rapidly-evolving industry with a huge range of technologies and approaches. Apparently, a professional consultation is a must-have before planning a modernization.

London Agile Software Development

With a continuous evolution an complexification of software systems and programming process, the old-fashioned Software Development process in London became irrelevant. Composing a perfectly-organized and detailed tech assignment and its realization is now way too long and expensive.

Importantly, this old-style approach is vulnerable to risks emerging while development is in progress. In United Kingdom the modern way to build a custom software systems is based on Agile methodology, wich in its essence is an iterative and incremental software development.

London custom software development

Software development costs depend mostly on its complexity, level of customization and the stack of technologies involved. It affects both the project duration and resources needed. This is, of course, true for the whole United Kingdom.


SLDC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It is a holistic term for the whole process of prototyping, design, development, testing and bug fixing of a software product.

Here are the key goals for SDLC to be treated as successful in United Kingdom:

  • The product meets or exceeds the customer's expectations;
  • The code and architechure are high-quality and compliand with standarts;
  • The project is completed in time;
  • The project cost is kept within budget.

SCRUM software development in London

Whereas Agile is a methodology with certain principles and phylosophy, SCRUM software development is a set of particular practices to implement. Using these techniques you can be sure you are alighen with Agile methodology.

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