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Either you are planning a startup or starting a rebranding process, you have to be sure your brand will communicate the proper message to the target audience.

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Brand strategy

Starting with value propositions, the Brand Startegy describes the future of your company: how will you position your brand with respect to competitors, what will be the marketing strategy, what is your corporate culture.

Brand identity

Apart from the marketing, there is also a visual aspect: in many niches the visual perfection is a real clue to success.

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Named a 'Top Branding Agency' by Clutch in 2018 and 2019, we are a purposefully small consultancy that specializes in creating strategic, verbal and visual brand clarity. ...

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FINIEN Branding

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interTrend Communications is an award-winning full-service communication agency based in Long Beach, California, helping corporate America target Asian American segments such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Asian Indian and Filipinos nationwide. ...

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interTrend Branding

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Long Beach Web Design is a premium Web Design, E-Commerce, & Graphic Design company based out of Long Beach, CA. We have been building clean, attractive, functional websites & e-commerce solutions with an eye for great contemporary design since 2008. We f ...

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To put it simply, we are a duo of Facilitators, Creators, & Captivators. More precisely, our passion lies in transporting your project from conception to completion, as creatively and as efficient as possible. We do this by utilizing our inherent dynamic ...

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Score: 514

Lomonaco Design was formed in January 1997 by Nicole Lomonaco-Sunde, a native from Rome, Italy. As she worked out in the field of Design, Advertising and Entertainment Design, She started building a small side business with significant experience and cont ...

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Brand design in Long Beach

With the number of new businesses in United States growing rapidly, it is more and more important to develop a proper Branding Strategy for your company. Without doing this, the competition in Long Beach will eventually beat you business.

Building a strong brand means, in particular, a distinct Brand Positioning: few words must be enough to explain why your company is better than your competitors in Long Beach.

Long Beach graphic design and branding services

The most known-of (and sometines overvalued) part of the Brand Strategy is Visual Identity. That is about everything that represents your company in a visual way: logo, corporate design, business cards, website, corporate uniform, branded vehicles, etc. The goal is to make everyone in Long Beach aware of how your style looks and to build associative patterns in consumer's mind.

Corporate design elements might emerge in a different situations, starting from your Long Beach office branding and to the corporate email templates. These touchpoints are to be well-designed: it's your chance to impress your potential client within first seconds of interaction.

Branding design services in Long Beach

The Branding market in United States consists of several types of agencies. Some of them focus on graphic design and corporate identity: a good choice if your goal is to create the company branding style (or to add some elements).

Another type of Branding agencies in Long Beach mostly deals with the marketing side of brand strategy. It is about developing the tone of voice, the proper brand positioning and differentiating from competitors.

Brand identity design in Long Beach

Let's outline a couple of typical Brand Strategy services in United States:

  • Brand communication strategy
  • Personal branding (for CEO, as an example)
  • Graphic design
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand awareness strategy
  • Rebranding strategy
  • Brand identity

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