Karavan: Retail Re:branding: Brain Tank Branding project at Qualified.One

Karavan: Retail Re:branding by Brain Tank

Some details

The oldest Kyiv retailer Karavan mall with Brain Tank agency “released” aggressive shoes all over the city, drawing attention to a large-scale re-branding into the outlet.

Autumn flight tames ",biting", prices, personified by ",evil", shoes, accessories and clothes, showing them much more ",affectionate",, announcing the upcoming opening of the Mall. While the teaser flyer relied on the horror of a

frightening grin on the teeth of a sneaker, the autumn disclosure filled the info-ecosystem of shoppers with positively bright colors and good-natured facial expressions.

And while “Outlet Karavan” is carrying out construction work inside the mall at an accelerated pace, Brain Tank is preparing to place two more platform flights to bring all the benefits of the re-conceptual Mall.

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