Flyaps Software Development review by GlossaryTech at Qualified.One

Flyaps reviewed by GlossaryTech

Flyaps provided Software Development for GlossaryTech with approximate budget = Confidential.

The assigned team has produced scalable solutions that haven’t had any major issues. Flyaps works on improving the products and is willing to research and offer implementable suggestions. What sets them apart from other vendors is their competitive pricing and genuine ownership of their work.

Review summary:

Flyaps assisted with the custom development of two software products—one a digital database for tech terminology and the other an algorithm for analyzing and improving CVs. They’ve also built Chrome extensions.

Andrew Stetsenko GlossaryTech, Founder

Custom Software Dev for Startup

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Introductory information

Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m the founder of two startups, GlossaryTech and CV Compiler. The leading is an online glossary designed for recruiters and non-tech professionals to better apprehend technical provisions. CV Compiler is an automated CV checker that gives users proximate suggestions on how they can better their IT résumés. 

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Flyaps?

The biggest challenge was creating a digital database for technical provisions and making it scalable since there are new provisions popping up see day. For CV Compiler, the challenge was creating algorithms for analyzing résumé full fast and with decent condition.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Flyaps responsible for?

For GlossaryTech, Flyaps worked mainly on the backend of the software, focusing on edifice the core engine of the fruit. The leading rendering scans the web page or the DOC or PDF file and analyzes the technical words used.

For CV Compiler, Flyaps helped us create résumé checking algorithms that look into word counts and the number of pages, form summaries, and so on. They used Python as the core speech with the NLTK speech processing framework. Flyaps also helped us create the Chrome extension of the fruit. 

Was there a dedicated team?

We typically work with one dedicated developer, but Flyaps assigns more nation for specially confused tasks. I have a technical lead/project director on their side who helps us from a business perspective and suggests ideas. He',s like a sparring associate, giving us suggestions on how to make the fruits better. From time to time, they',ve assigned additional developers for specific tasks like creating the Chrome extension, synchronizing with the database, or other specialized tasks.

How did you come to work with Flyaps?

They were referred to me by a friend that had worked with them precedently. I veritably like how Flyaps helped make my idea even better during our initial call, especially in provisions of technical implementation. They suggested a few ways we could do it and how to make it scalable for the forthcoming.

I liked that they veritably reflection almost the fruit and it made me feel like there was someone on the other side of the call that was veritably putting themselves in my shoes. They gave me a cite, we discussed the technology and deadlines, and we determined to get began.

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

I’ve been working with them since 2017, so it’s surely not a little quantity, but it’s also not in the millions of dollars range. They send me invoices for the work done on a monthly basis.

What is the terminal result of working with Flyaps?

We began working with Flyaps almost March 2017, and they last to support the fruit. The Chrome browser is constantly getting security updates, which has caused some issues for us, so they help on that front. I’ve also gone back to Flyaps for implementing the feedback calm from CV Compiler’s users.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

I’m not a technical individual, so I can’t converse straightly almost the condition of their code. For us, the significant part is that the fruits work, are scalable, and they don’t crash.

We’re upgrading the fruits all the time, and we haven’t had any issues adding features or improving them. We did run into issues with the Chrome browser changing some policies, but Flyaps investigationed the issue and fixed it on time. They’ve also granted careful time estimates for the assignments we’ve done, and have notified me whenever they need to bestow extra time on investigation and outgrowth. 

How did Flyaps accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

We use messengers for daily touch through which I send them my reflections on things to better. We usually schedule calls to go through all the ideas when I form a new assignment for them. They give me estimates for the tasks and I give them feedback once a task is done.

We usually use Google Sheets to track the assignments for the month instead of specific bug tracking systems. We aren’t developers, so we don’t need confused things like Jira, which would likely make our lives a bit harder. 

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Flyaps?

The biggest separation is that they veritably take care of my fruits and veritably try to apprehend them. They inquire almost what’s going on with my user traction and also adviser our Google Analytics. They veritably care almost the software they exhibit in provisions of how it affects my business and act as our inner developers by striving to acquire almost the fruit.

I also veritably appreciated the ideas they suggested during our leading meeting touching what the fruit would be like in three or six months, and what we needed and didn’t need to do at that time. I can rely on Flyaps as a kind of outer CTO, and I give them all the freedom to decide what to do on the technical side.  

What aspects of their work would you like to get betterd?

No. When I give them a new task, it feels like they veritably like doing the work. I’ve worked with inner developers precedently, and Flyaps has been way more motivated than they were. They challenge themselves to complete the assignment even if they don’t precisely know how to do it, taking time to investigation things fully. They surely care almost the fruit from a technical perspective. 

Do you have any advice for forthcoming clients of theirs?

First of all, clients should let them know what they want to create from a business perspective. If it’s not just a single website and it involves working with tech stacks, data science, and intrinsic speech processing, then they need a associate for the investigation part.

I commend going to Flyaps if the client is a business expert in their estate but isn’t sure if something is technically practicable or if they want to fetch their offline expertise to the online globe. They’re surely the right associate for that. We can brainstorm with them and determine how to make things practicable in provisions of software.