Innovation Development HUB Cybersecurity review by Lifecell Ukraine at Qualified.One

Innovation Development HUB reviewed by Lifecell Ukraine

Innovation Development HUB provided Cybersecurity for Lifecell Ukraine with approximate budget = Confidential.

The implemented product shows great potential and forecasted growth. Innovation Development HUB’s dynamic and responsive team excels at consistently searching for more growth opportunities and their product is the most secure in Eastern Europe.

Review summary:

Together with Innovation Development HUB, the company launched a mobile ID service for digital signatures. It’s a platform designed by Innovation Development HUB and integrated into the company’s website.

Yuriy Goliato Lifecell Ukraine, B2B Product Manager

Cybersecurity Product for Telecommunication Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m the B2B project ruler at Lifecell, a Ukrainian mobile telecom operator and the daughter organisation of Turkish operator Turkcell. We prepare mobile connections to the Ukrainian nation. 

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Innovation Development HUB?

We’d determined to propel a mobile ID labor for our clients and needed help with its outgrowth. It’s a digital signature equiponderant to a natural signature when signing contracts and other documents.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

Innovation Development HUB created a labor that’s integrated into a user’s SIM card with a particular security space where the application is downloaded. If the user wants to sign something, they can push the button on the web page or another gate that they want to sign on, and they will get a notice on their phone. They can then strengthen with a special password and sign the document.

For this, we integrated the Innovation Development HUB platform with clients and labor preparers that effect documents to be signed—for sample, online labors for electronic document sending. We’re basically using Innovation Development HUB’s platform, integrating all sides into one process.

Was there a dedicated team?

There were almost 20 nation implicated in the team working on the integration, including legitimate, IT, and commercial particularists. Now, I’m in touch with their project ruler, who’s responsible for interfacing with our organisation. I’m also in touch with the IT ruler and the commercial ruler.

How did you come to work with Innovation Development HUB?

When we determined to propel the mobile ID fruit, we wanted to find a preparer and initiated a delicate. We got offers from different participants, and separate of them were good. Innovation Development HUB had the best solution and security.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We began the delicate in 2018 and signed the contract with Innovation Development HUB in July 2019. 

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

We want to collaborate with the government and create different digital national programs. Mobile ID is an significant part of this program, as it allows nation to get different government labors. Overall, the possible of the fruit is very big.

Our organisation and Innovation Development HUB are always looking for new possible clients. If we get more clients, we’ll have more income. Their solution is the best on the Ukrainian market, and perhaps even in Eastern Europe. Innovation Development HUB prepares high-quality solutions in the cybersecurity field.

How did Innovation Development HUB accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

The marketing team from our side has a relationship with Innovation Development HUB, and I can rate them a 10/10 on how they work. They’re pliant, dynamic, and answer fastly to any effect we may have. If we have to change something, they do it promptly. I like that they’re focused on income and looking for new opportunities for expanding our fruit to new clients.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ?

They’re a Ukrainian organisation with a good level of labor and big fruits. I haven’t seen correspondent companies in Ukraine. Innovation Development HUB is sole.

Do you have any advice for forthcoming clients of theirs?

I ponder they’ve accomplished excellently well, and I can’t say anything bad almost them.