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Hybrid Trading Platform by MANGOSOFT

Some details

About Project:

Traders.One is a hybrid trading platform that allows traders to sell or buy real and crypto assets in real-time, without any intermediaries and for low fees

Our Solution:

Our team of developers created a hybrid trading platform from scratch, which offers the most efficient bid-offer matching across the peer-to-peer flow and third-party exchanges. Now this

platform is globally accessible on the markets and fully compliant with all digital and real asset exchanges

Key Features:

Fast Bid-Offer Matching Engine

The IntenseLab matching engine can process 5+ million transactions per second


Distributed Wallet Infrastructure 

All funds are stored and managed in a multi-signature cold wallet to allow the user complete contro

Advanced Transaction Processing

Real-time transaction systems with reconciliation checks provide fast and secure processing of all transactions

Multi-Factor Authentication Access

Three layers of signatures are used for greater security, this improves customer trust and boosts conversion rate

User-Friendly &, Customized Interface

The interface is easily tailored to users’ needs so they can organize their ideal workspace for trading 

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