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Some details is a Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) system that organizes sale of the property (assets), belonging to insolvent or liquidated banks, and sale of non performing loans. Such assets include collateralized property (like household appliances, cars, buildings, land lots) and loans (set of receivables of individuals and legal entities). According to the Ukrainian laws such assets are sold through electronic exchanges

based on rules similar to those of the EU or the US. In order to ensure transparent, effective and fair sale procedures DGF decided to apply the same software that already proved to be effective in the Prozorro system. Non-performing Loans

The system holds auctions with non-performing loans (NPLs) at sale. Any loan that is logically expected to enter default can be considered a non-performing loan. Thus, it is a sum of borrowed money upon which the borrower has not made any regular payment for at least 90 days.

OpenProcurement toolkit has been used because it ensured simple and quick implementation. The’s architecture and main components are similar to those in the original Prozorro project. Hybrid system architecture with Central database (CDB) and electronic platforms connected to it proved to be efficient, since it provides equal access to the assets for all potential purchasers and bidders.

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