- e-commerce solution (Django Oscar, Python): Quintagroup Web Development project at Qualified.One - e-commerce solution (Django Oscar, Python) by Quintagroup

Some details Following the client’s guidelines, our team had to develop a sophisticated e-commerce solution featuring: Multi-tenancy - all online products have to be managed via one back-office. Product data has to be imported from several sources. Payment options: PayPal, Paybox, credit card, bank transfer, etc. Advanced searching and filtering capabilities. Customized health management app. A well-organized

development process allowed us to deliver the solution step by step. Our first contribution to this project was an attractive and functional design. In order to satisfy all client’s demands after detailed investigation and architecture planning, we decided to use Django Oscar. This open-source e-commerce solution is simple yet flexible, feature-rich and easy to customize. Security of Python and Django-based technology, extensible core and well-designed set of models assist with implementing an e-commerce project tailored for this particular client. On the basis of Python, Django Oscar, ReactJS we developed a multi-tenant solution. Back-office allows managing products, stock, prices, sales, suppliers, customers, etc. for several websites - all in one place. An administrator can control the content of all online stores without unnecessary repetition, assign different prices for the same product in different e-shops, manage stock and supply records. Customers can use one user account for all websites with separated baskets and wish lists.

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