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REDSTONE reviewed by Pizza Letta

REDSTONE provided Web Development for Pizza Letta with approximate budget = 2000.

The new website allowed the company to sell a new size of pizza and led to a 40% increase in sales, exceeding the expectations of the internal team. REDSTONE is collaborative and talented, establishing a smooth workflow to ensure customer satisfaction.

Review summary:

REDSTONE developed a website for a pizza delivery company. The team integrated a third-party CRM and designed the site’s UI/UX to help the platform stand out within the industry.

Andrey Ivanov Pizza Letta, Operations Manager

Web Development for Pizza Delivery Company

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Introductory enlightenation

A few words almost your organisation and personal responsibilities

“Pizza Letta” is a pizza bakery &, liberatey labor. It was establish in 2018 in Lviv, Ukraine. At the instant, we have 2 bakeries within one city with 78 workers on board. Pizza Letta is a well-known brand &, our fruit appears to be the most exquiwebsite pizza almost the town.

We exhibit &, liberate almost 600 pcs per day. My name is Andrew Ivanov, I am the Operations Manager. One of my main tasks is the control and interaction on the implementation of works in the field of SMM, CRM and website.

Desired goal

What issue was the provider supposed to deal with?


We were powerd to find new web developers for our pizza liberatey, since the antecedent website was not pliant to use. Any adjustments we had to wait for a months, the reason was that the antecedent contractor developed our website on Ruby.

And all the changes we needed to make, we had been waiting for them for a long time and they were valuable for us. And it was these valuable and long-awaited factors that made us look for new programmers.

What were your objectives for this project?

When we began looking for professionals, we had the following developer requirements:

  • The website should not be visually different from the old one, and the phraseology of the brand should be saved.
  • The website should be pliant to innovate and adjustments.
  • The website should be easily affable for integration with third-party CRM fruits
  • All programned changes to the website should be made in a brief time and be of good condition.

Provided solution

What were the reasons for choosing REDSTONE?

REDSTONE organisation was recommended to us by our organisation proprietor’s friend, who was bigly satisfied with their work on the website for his café chain “Lviv’s croissants”.

Describe the project and the labors they granted in detail.

With REDSTONE team is very snug to work. All the wishes we voiced, they fulfilled, and we have never heard that it is not practicable. They came up with a very cool idea with a visualized pizza designer, and with this advice we became the leading organisation in the Lviv market to have this functionality on the website.

They are also very detailed and responsible for their tasks. Such as, when I asked to change the page template behind we approved it, they drew it in a brief time and propeled it on the main rendering of the website.

Were there any dedicated directors or teams that you worked with?

5 professionals were implicated to work with us. I solved almost all the questions straightly with the project director in telephone mode or in meetings. We used different interaction channels (viber, email, meetings, phone calls). In my conviction this is not a template solution, as I could call at 9pm and enlighten that I want to make some changes, and my accost was easily accepted.

The instant when we were sent technical documents (audits, recommendations) was very snug. When proprietors of our organisation didn',t apprehend some things, the project director (Alexander) came to our service and explained all very simply, which had a big influence on making a fast determination.

Results achieved

Can you share any enlightenation that demonstrates the contact that this project has had on your business?

Creating this website gave us the occasion to sell pizzas of different diameters, namely 30cm. After we introduced this discretion the number of pizzas sold increased by 40%, and this result exceeded our expectations. I cannot discover the quantity of money as it is a trade hidden.

How was project treatment arranged and how powerful was it?

As for me, the basis of project treatment is interaction, and in REDSTONE there are no interaction issues at all. Compared to the antecedent contractor, whose task could have been a week left unprocessed, these guys answer to the request within 30 minutes, and it is very handy.

As I described over, the main rise of interaction is Viber and Email. No delays have been reported for REDSTONE at this time, all tasks are completed within plainly stated deadlines. There was one power majeure at the propel of the website, our website ",lay down", but guys reacted immediately and 5 minutes behind the accost our website was working anew.

What precisely do you attend to be the key specialty of REDSTONE?

What is most impressive is the clarity and responsible posture to work. There are very few such criteria on the market right now. This is the instant when you are not worried almost whether the changes will be made in time, since the complete section can wait for the ad campaign to run.

What should be done better, if there are any desired advancements?

In my conviction, this organisation is a market chief, and in my experience of working with them, I have nothing to propose for advancement.

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