LinkedIn Branding for CEO of $30 mln US company: Respect.Studio Branding project at Qualified.One

LinkedIn Branding for CEO of $30 mln US company by Respect.Studio

Some details


Tommy Mello is a hardworking professional as well as: 

Garage Door Nation,
  • Co-Owner and Sales Manager at LeadGeeks,
  • Home Service expert, published in Entrepreneur.comForbesThe Huffington Post, etc.
  • The Challenge

    Initially, our goal was to create a strong presence on LinkedIn for Tommy (get in the top 1% within his industry), attract new relevant connections and keep a high level of engagement with them. Later, we accepted a next challenge – use his profile to drive leads.


    It started with a simple task, to “improve the profile” and ended with a long-lasting cooperation.

    As a result, we had a top-rated profile with 15,000+ business-relevant connections, ranked in the top 1% in industry. During the active phase of the campaign we generated 193 pre-qualified leads, which were sent to the client for future sales.


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