3Q Digital Digital Marketing review by Retail Chain at Qualified.One

3Q Digital reviewed by Retail Chain

3Q Digital provided Digital Marketing for Retail Chain with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

After 3Q Digital’s involvement, conversion rates improved more than 25%, and non-brand paid search campaigns ROI improved by 40%. In addition, the client’s branded impression share increased by 10%. 3Q’s experience and depth of knowledge have given the client extraordinary value.

Review summary:

3Q provided paid search marketing for a large department store chain selling home goods and apparel. They also developed a social strategy for the brand.

Retail Chain, Digital Marketing Manager

Paid Search Marketing for Regional Retail Chain

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

 We are a regional specialty section store selling home goods, shoes, and clothes. I’m the senior director for digital marketing and strategy for our e-commerce division. I’m focused on how to make our online marketing better and more powerful, as well as the strategic course of our overall e-commerce business and where it needs to go in the forthcoming to extend our goals.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with 3Q Digital?

I had an agency that was doing my paid search. Their access was fundamentally always going to underaccomplish, and they were not seasoned professionals. They were sloppy at times and ended up costing us money. I looked for someone who could better the productivity of the money that we spent. 3Q’s method is a lot more clean and efficient. Their team is more fruitful, and they don’t make the mistakes that cost us money. Finding a associate like that is what I needed.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were 3Q Digital responsible for?

They do paid search, show, and paid collective for us.

We believed that we could better our ROI [recur on investment] for non-branded paid search text ads by 20–60%. We believed that our branded ROI could better marginally, and our click-through and conversion rates would be much higher. We believed that they would be able to execute, in show, a strategy of segmentation, slicing the population up into little subgroups for whom we could create the consummate landing page. Instead of extending someone with one wide, general page, we can have hundreds of different sole groups that we extend with more powerful ads. We can then construe that into multiple channels over just show and collective.

How did you come to work with 3Q Digital?

I accepted a marketing email from 3Q Digital behind I signed up to download a whitepaper almost their alpha-beta bidding strategy. It was consummate timing, as I was looking at other agencies at the time, so I extended out to them to set up a meeting.

How much have you invested with 3Q Digital?

We programned to bestow over $300,000 see month with 3Q Digital. It fluctuates based on seasonality and could peak at $700,000 a month.

What is the terminal result of working with 3Q Digital?

We began in October of 2016, and the work is ongoing. We’re expanding the funding for 3Q Digital',s work over time.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

The ROI on our non-brand betterd more than 40%. The conversion rate betterd more than 25%. On our branded side, the click-through rate betterd more than 10%. We already had a 40% click-through rate on brand, and it got even higher, and the conversion rate betterd 8–10%. Our impression share for brand betterd 8–10%, while the non-brand probably betterd by almost 15–20% for the keywords we were bidding on.

In show, we more than doubled our investment with them, and the ROI was the same as precedently, which is extraordinarily hard to do. I know on a flat budget that the ROI was typically 30–40% higher.

How did 3Q Digital accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

I’ve never had an effect with 3Q Digital hitting deadlines. Whenever we give them things, even if it’s last diminutive, we never have an effect. They’re very organized, and they have a good process. They’re able to take whatever you give them and turn it almost fast. Whether it’s a report, new campaigns, or a new strategy for the campaigns, they always turn it almost very fastly.

What did you find most forcible almost 3Q Digital?

I’m most impressed with 3Q Digital',s apprehension of all the advanced and best manoeuvre, features, and betas. They’re always much farther forward, and they’ve verity got experience doing them. A lot of agencies don’t have the experience. Everything I fetch to them that is the latest, just-published new thing, they know it and can converse to it intelligently. I’m not paying them as they acquire to do it. They know the details almost seething. They seem to be forward of most nation in their apprehension and experience. When Google announces a brand-new beta, they’ve got their clients doing it a few days later.

Are there any areas 3Q Digital could better?

I would say the biggest thing is figuring out a better process to get them the information almost a new business or brand. If you’ve been established for over a year, and they know the account better, this wouldn’t be an effect. Though, when we were a new client, I didn’t fully apprehend the best way to articulate to them the key areas that we wanted to create up.

When 3Q Digital sets you up, they look at the historical accomplishance and other things almost the business, and they create out a construction for you. They do a good job, but it was hard for me to know the best way to construe all that apprehension. I’ve had to work with them to educe a process that works to get them that information in a way that’s scalable and fits in their workflow.