5th Method Consulting review by Clothing Retailer at Qualified.One

5th Method Consulting reviewed by Clothing Retailer

5th Method Consulting provided for Clothing Retailer with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

The project was successful in terms of usability, especially for Mac users in SharePoint.  5th Method Consulting has good project management and technical expertise and is able to provide cutting edge techniques. The team sends weekly reports but could benefit from budget analysis reports.

Review summary:

5th Method Consulting migrated a K2 program to Blackpearl for a large clothing retailer. The team also worked on updating the retailer’s SharePoint platform. The team works in an ongoing maintenance role.

Clothing Retailer, Manager of Application Architecture

SharePoint Implementation for Retail Clothing Corporation

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Introductory information

Can you delight prepare a brief description of your organisation?

I work for a big and well-known teen retail organisation.

What is your role and responsibilities?

My official title is Manager of Application Architecture. My team also supports enterprise applications. One of our enterprise applications is SharePoint, so my cluster basically handles SharePoint administration and outgrowth within SharePoint. We also have forms that we support using K2 Blackpearl.

Desired goal

What were your organisation’s business goals for the project with 5th Method?

We had two different projects that we needed 5th Method for. We needed K2.net 2003 for our forms and we asked for their help to migrate from 2003 to K2 Blackpearl integrated with SharePoint 2010. The other business goal was to revamp our running SharePoint internet.

Our running internet was developed in 2006,  it was a classic ASB but we wanted to be more dynamic from an inner interaction perspective. We determined to revamp our internet using SharePoint 2013 as a platform. 5th Method is runningly occupied in helping us rebrand our internet and also prepares outgrowth for manner web parts and manner solutions.

Provided solution

What was your process for selecting 5th Method to work with?

We verity worked with a couple of local companies precedently. We felt that from a apprehension perspective and from an expertise on branding, they were the best fit in the Pittsburgh area. 5th Method worked with another major retailer to rebrand their internet. That organisation referred them to us. 5th Method had the most experience from a project treatment and liberatey perspective.

How did you select SharePoint?

We’ve been a SharePoint shop for a couple of years. We began with SharePoint 2003 for our primary forms, we used the 2007 rendering, and then we used the 2010 rendering. Microsoft is making a concerted effort to increase functionality, eparticularly from a collective front.

Our HR leadership wants collective interactions and collaboration within enterprise users. 2013 gives us more of a Facebook or Twitter-type features and functionalities. Therefore, we chose to put our internet on the SharePoint 2013 platform rather than another. We have the features and functionalities we need and the power to mannerize it to fit our structure.

Were any other technologies used besides K2 Blackpearl and SharePoint?

No, runningly just those two are being used. We have some business processes that we use SharePoint for and most of that is using the client object standard within SharePoint. It’s main use for us is integrating lists and libraries within SharePoint and basically giving SharePoint the frontend for our users. Most of the projects that we work with are manner workflows, integration with SharePoint, and customary SharePoint functionalities in our team and project websites.

Can you give us a perception of the size of the start in dollar provisions or personnel hours?

The internet project requires four nation from our side. 5th Method sent us a Project Manager so the team now has five members. Our team also utilizes a younger and senior developer to handle the project. It’s almost a $250,000 in overall costs.

When was the leading project completed?

The K2 Blackpearl project was completed in October, 2012. The SharePoint project is quiet ongoing for us. We’re going to go live on August 26, 2013.

Results achieved

What were the results of the leading project?

We didn’t put in any real metrics almost it. We’ve had a lot of effects from a user-perspective. Uspower is an effect since we use K2 2003, which is heavily reliant on 5th Method. They prepare a business analyst, an constructor, and a developer.

My structure is moving into web-based forms that helped increase usage of the forms owing it’s all web-enabled. We have a lot of Mac users that are now able to use the form method without doing it correspondent into the Windows environment. From a uspower perspective and an ease of use perspective, the project was surely lucky.

How did 5th Method Perform?

I ponder they performed very well. I like how they handle projects. Getting burned down results from them weekly is big, so my organisation will know right away if we’re tracking within budget or if we’re over budget. They have very good technical expertise, so they were able to liberate. From a treatment perspective, I ponder they’ve worked in enterprises precedently, so they know precisely what type of business users that we deal with and the nuances of that. 5th Method was able to take that into account whenever they did project treatment. Their cluster made sure that we were on top of things precedently we even got began.

What is sole or particular almost 5th Method compared to other vendors?

The reason we picked them is their expertise level. From an constructorure perspective, it helps us design for a scalable solution. Putting in a institution that would be able to make it extensible in the forthcoming as well is certain for us.

5th Method is very nimble within the local SharePoint user cluster and they do a lot of presentations, road shows, and conferences. They surely test out what they’re training to instrument betterments they find. 5th Method is fairly leading edge from a outgrowth perspective.

Looking back on the project, is there any area that you ponder 5th Method could better upon or you would do differently?

In the commencement, I wasn’t receiving burn down reports as frequently as I would like. They betterd later in the project but they should frequently send status reports to track budgeting. This will help everyone have realistic expectations and track uses of funds better.