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Blockchain-based Digital Health Tools by Abto Software

Some details

Customer: Medikit, a Ukrainian healthcare tech startup, launched in 2017.

Working with Ukraine’s National Ministry of Health they aim at building an ecosystem of medical interaction between patients, doctors and all other participants in the medical market. In 2018 Medikit together with Abto team launched a telemedicine platform and a unified EHR system on the blockchain.

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Delivered Modules


Cross-border, telemedicine platform that allows patients to have video consultations with their doctor, and pay using medical tokens.

Personal Healthcare Records

Built on Hyperledger Fabric, patients get full access and control over the data, providing different levels of access to various users.

Online Appointment

Patients can book, reschedule, or cancel medical appointments online or in medical institutions.

Doctor’s Account

Doctors can see all the patient EHR, keep track of all the appointments, access knowledge base and consult other doctors.

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