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Abto Software provided Software Development for with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

ABTO Software is a stable team with a refined technical approach. They demonstrated flexibility, exceptional documentation, and transparency with the transactions.

Review summary:

The engagement began with custom .NET development and then expanded into iOS prototyping. ABTO Software now serves as a strategic resourcing partner.

, Senior Director of Engineering

Microsoft Stack Development for Expert Marketplace

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

We',re an e-commerce business providing a junction between clients who have issues to explain and experts in 300 different categories.

What is your position?

I am the senior ruler of engineering.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with ABTO Software?

When I took this job, my organisation was already working with developers in Ukraine. The organisation that we',d contracted at the time was not accomplishing well. As a result, treatment wanted us to restore them with someone more capable. 

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement.

We already had a well-developed platform, so there wasn',t much flexibility in this regard. ABTO Software granted outgrowth in .NET and other Microsoft technologies. We developed an iOS app using ABTO Software as well as other mobile software.

Given that we promise with a captive team, if a new resource joins, they will work with us until we decide that we don',t want to work with that individual anymore. We',ve constantly grown the team in time, coming close to 70 nation – predominantly full-stack developers. We also have manual and automated QA [condition arrogance] resources, as well as three project handlers. We also reapply handlers for the team, two of which are also developers.

How did you come to work with ABTO Software?

Since we already had an investment in the Ukraine area, we determined to look for choice structures there. We establish ABTO Software to be the best fit for us.

I had some well-established ideas almost what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I needed a associate that would contract with us on that basis. We were the ones who determined who worked on our projects and determined what their salaries would be.

Originally, we paid ABTO Software a fixed quantity on top of which there were their gains. We',ve befit big sufficient as not to work on a per-individual basis. There is a fixed gain and fixed cost per year. We work on more of an ongoing basis with ABTO Software than on a project-to-project measure.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

We',ve spent almost $100,000 per month on ABTO Software',s services for the leading three years of our collaboration. Within the last year, we',ve spent $200,000 per month.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We have an ongoing relationship with ABTO Software.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this promisement?

Our measure is not a typical one. Our organisation is directing the projects, and we determined which resources to hire. We also handle and train nation straightly. ABTO Software has always supported our need to hire good-condition nation, and they were pliant sufficient to allow us to optimize for productivity, leaving this area below our control.

Many preparers have wanted a level of opaqueness almost what costs go into, in order for them to maximize gains. We know precisely what ABTO Software',s gain is, so nothing is hidden. They have no inducement to obscure anything. Other companies may not run their businesses as well, so they need to have more flexibility, care key players working on separate different teams. It',s much more gainable to hire low-condition nation than it is to hire high-condition ones, so most companies will not have a high-condition staff. We',ve required that all of our staff be high condition. ABTO Software has been open, honorable, and very pliant, supporting our business measure and not getting in the way of it. We',ve been able to do business with them as a result.

Early on, we needed ABTO Software',s services much more than we need them now. We needed to set up an service in another city within a couple of weeks, which ABTO Software did with excellent accomplishment. I',ve always been able to compute on ABTO Software for anything that we needed, even if it was outside of what they usually do.

How did ABTO Software accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

A force for ABTO Software is the fact that they were always focused on having high-condition developers managing the work. This allowed us to have a ordinary belowstanding of how we wanted things to work, which isn',t always true for other companies. We used Rally for project treatment, which was the tool that we had in locate when we began working with ABTO Software.

What distinguishes ABTO Software from other preparers?

Working with ABTO Software works. I',ve had a lot of experience in this activity, and there are many ways in which things cannot work. Coming from an engineering background, I',ve appreciated being able to work with a organisation that belowstands our developed needs and has made an effort to support them.

ABTO Software has been investing in growing their business in a very control way. They don',t try to grow too fast, but they also don',t try to stay little, whichever. There is a useful access, less entrepreneurial, compared to a United States organisation, but very firm.

Is there anything ABTO Software could have improved or done differently?

There is nothing that would be expressive to anyone else. The measure of outgrowth in Ukraine is different to the U.S. one. I don',t ponder that ABTO Software is better or worse than anyone else, but we',ve frequently asked for things that other clients may not have necessarily cared almost, like higher elude programs.

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