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Amy Tevault Senior Copywriter

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Amy Tevault Senior Copywriter
Colby Wittman Senior Art Director
Emily Zerrenner Operations Assistant
Erin Curtis Vice President, Account
Garrett Ryan Director of Ventures & Partnerships
Haley Tharp Editor
Jennifer Schneck Operations Coordinator
Jessica Pedersen Production Designer
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About Aisle Rocket Studios App Marketing company in Chicago, United States

At Aisle Rocket Studios, we’re all about reaching consumers wherever they are. We build brand experiences that go wherever shoppers are – in-store, online and beyond. These experiences are crafted using our unique process of bringing in technology at the

We are tech-oriented results-driven risk takers — poised to channel your opportunities and overcome your challenges. We are also gamers entrepreneurs artists philosophers entertainers and more.

We believe that a siloed approach doesnt work. And that incredible potential comes from data media creative and strategy working seamlessly together.

Ross Shelleman is the CEO of Aisle Rocket a leading full-service marketing and creative services agency that utilizes data and technology to drive results through best-in-class creative services and media execution.

Ross began his career in technology consulting and went on to hold leadership positions in managed services businesses including Aramark Corporation and GCA Services Group. Ross is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and a graduate of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs Emerging Leader Program.

Ronda Scalise

Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey brings a wealth of expertise to Aisle Rocket including marketing strategy targeting and segmentation and experimental design forecasting and modeling. 

He served as EVP for Strategy and Analytics at Targetbase where he led Solution and Product Development. Scott created the firms Customer Relationship Value (CRV) approach to relationship marketing and management. As President of M/A/R/C Research he developed that firms Assessor-based series of analytical frameworks. Today Scott oversees insight generation program/product development and program measurement for Aisle Rocket. 

Noah Freeman

Since graduating from Harvard in 1999 Noah has been leading big data analytics projects. As Head of Product at Aisle Rocket he oversees our technology roadmap and supervises our product development teams while also managing some of our largest retail and clothing accounts. He gets energized by building new tools to solve new problems and takes satisfaction in knowing that Aisle Rockets cutting-edge work is being applied to real-world accounts.

Caitlin Owens

Caitlin Owens is a Certified Public Accountant with a 14-year career in accounting and finance. She handles all accounting functions for the company and is a longstanding member of the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA).

With over 250 employees across our Illinois, Michigan and Tennessee offices, we’re known for focusing on client service, results and an unending love of creativity.