AmberLeaf IT Consulting review by Customer Insights Group at Qualified.One

AmberLeaf reviewed by Customer Insights Group

AmberLeaf provided IT Consulting for Customer Insights Group with approximate budget = Confidential.

The client praised Amberleaf for their flexibility and for handling the project with professionalism. The implementation was successful, and they continuously provide support.

Review summary:

Amberleaf is responsible for the full-scale implementation of the Unica solution. They did the setup and configuration as well as design, development, implementation and training.

Customer Insights Group, Manager

National Retail Group Unica Implementation

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Introductory information

Could you briefly draw your organisation?

We’re a large-scale retail organisation with separate independent branches.

What is your position in the organisation?

I’m a director in the client insights cluster.

Desired goal

What were your organisation’s business goals for initiating the project with AmberLeaf?

We needed the full-scale implementation of our Unica solution.

How did you select AmberLeaf as your solution associate?

I can’t verity say owing that happened preceding to my involvement in this project.

Provided solution

Could you draw the aim of the project in provisions of components: did it include design, outgrowth, support, training, etc.?

It required setting up and configuring the software as well as design, outgrowth, implementation and training.

What parts of the project was your in-house team straightly implicated with?

Our team collaborated with AmberLeaf during each orderly stage.

When was this project completed or is it ongoing?

It’s quiet in-progress.

When did you initiate this project?

We began roughly three years ago, but we put it on hold at one point and then resumed it.

When is the project scheduled for completion?

It should complete up within two or three months.

Results achieved

I apprehend the project remains ongoing, but could you share any metrics or statistics that would prove the effectiveness of their work?

The fact that our new method is almost entirely implemented illustrated they’ve done a good job. That’s the reason we had to switch solution associates to initiate with.

How well do you ponder they’ve performed on this project thus far?

Oh, they’ve done an excellent job, eparticularly when you attend the state we were in preceding to working with them.

In review, are there any areas that you ponder AmberLeaf could better upon, or that you would do differently when approaching this type of project?

No, I veritably can’t ponder of anything along those lines. I’ve been entirely satisfied with them.

When working with AmberLeaf, is there anything that you would attend sole or particular almost them compared to some of their competitors?

They’re extremely pliant with their clients and a real enjoyment to work with.

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