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AndPlus Mobile App Development services in Southborough

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Mobile App Development costs at AndPlus

INTERMEDIATE: $50,000—$200,000

  • Basic assessment
  • Dedicated manager
  • Advanced prototyping
  • Basic UX design
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Native solutions
  • iPad app development
  • AppStore publication
  • Google Play Market publication
  • Deep QA and testing
  • Basic maintenance

ADVANCED: $200,000—$1,000,000

  • Technical assessment
  • High-skilled team
  • Detailed prototyping
  • UX design
  • User interface design
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Native solutions
  • iPad app development
  • Stack: React Native
  • AppStore publication
  • Google Play Market publication
  • QA and testing
  • Maintenance and support

BASIC: UP TO $10,000

  • Customization
  • Native solutions
  • Resourses not included
  • AppStore & Google Play publication

AndPlus key services in Southborough

AndPlus Mobile App development services in Southborough

In AndPlus we believe the mobile technologies are the future. Websites and other web services will inevitably transform to a mobile ones – lots of United States reports show this. That is why we made Mobile Development our top priority.

Rapid application development

Our services in Southborough include React Native development, phone app development and mobile app design. Unlike most of our competitors, we make the app development process transparent, painless for the customer and, importantly, rather quick.

App development cost at AndPlus

Unless you are dealing with an incustomizable “as-it-is” solution, the price will vary. Some details that could be treated as unimportant by an ordinary user often cost a lot. Thus, a price range will always be quite uncertain. Remember: the more detailed your project description is, the more precise estimation you get.

Learn more about the Mobile App Development services in the Southborough

Best Mobile App Development agency AndPlus in Southborough

AndPlus leads the industry in software product development. We leverage our diverse team of Strategists, UX Experts, Technical Architects, and Software Engineers to create custom enterprise and consumer facing software products.  We’ve helped companies —

Mobile App development in Southborough

In the middle of 2010-2020 mobile traffic in United States exceeded the desktop one. Since that moment it became evident that the future belongs to mobile development. Indeed, in Southborough the application development services are those of high demand – and it grows more and more.

Mobile software development

The majority of Southborough app development companies focus on the cross platform mobile app development. Apart from these, the web and app development services combined together are quite popular as well (the same is true for other United States regions). There exist various types of mobile software. It can be free or payed mobile apps, games, professional, business, enterprise or entertainment apps.

Hybrid app development in Southborough

Native solutions combined with web result in the so-called hybrid applications. The core is built on the web-based tech stack like HTML, CSS and Js, but instead of showing the app content in the web browser it is embedded into the certain native application. In United States the common technologies for doing that are Cordova (PhoneGap) and Ionic Capacitor.

Southborough mobile app development services near me

Just like it happens in creative or website development industries, there is an extremely wide range of price offers in Southborough. The cost to build an app can vary by times. To navigate through these offers a client should elaborate his needs, requirements and resources in detail before reaching out to the suppliers.

At AndPlus our cross-functional team of strategic creative UI/UX and technical virtuosos take on your mission-critical challenges like they#39;re our own. And we won#39;t rest until it#39;s mission accomplished.


Our leadership team includes industry veterans who have played a part in bringing hundreds of digital products to market.

Sean has the mind of an engineer and the heart of an entrepreneur. Since founding AndPlus in 2009 his passion for transforming businesses through software solutions that drive exceptional results for clients has fueled our firm#39;s high quality work and steady growth. His leadership has brought AndPlus to the forefront in web mobile and IoT solutions development. Sean holds degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Craig is responsible for making sure each project results in a great client experience. He has helped grow companies in the Fortune 500 venture capital and private equity environments and held leadership roles including Senior VP at American Express Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and head of sales for Virgin Mobile. He holds an EE degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute an MBA from the University of Houston and is currently an Adjunct Professor teaching strategy and entrepreneurship in the Providence College MBA program.

Angela leads our Digital Transformation consulting practice helping clients close the gap between strategy and execution. Her extensive background and leadership in leading transformations spans strategy operating models governance data and analytics product management agile methodologies and managing change across organizations. Angela holds a B.S. degree from Indiana University Bloomington and an MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management.

AndPlus takes pride in not only the success of every project but also the experience of every client. With more than a decade of operations know-how Julie is a catalyst for both. Her leadership of the project management team facilitates efficient internal operations and ensures complete client visibility and effective communications throughout every project phase.


Sometimes referred to as Mr. Versatility and a member of the AndPlus team since 2012 Brian#39;s role spans account management sales and all things required to achieve exceptional client solutions. His technical and graphic design background help him communicate client needs to both our engineering and creative teams and his software development experience helps to ensure successful client outcomes – every time.

Matt leads AndPlus#39; creative and user experience practice and his focus on human-centered design has been honed over the course of his 20+ year career in web development. With experience across a wide range of industries and technologies Matts ability to keep the user at the forefront while serving their needs through technology is a vital component to every client solution. Matt and his team bring passion creativity and innovation to every client project and ultimately to every user experience.

Chris runs the ’engine room’ of AndPlus world-class engineering team that solves problems using a myriad of technologies. He is responsible for all aspects of product engineering and quality assurance and often works closely with clients. He also manages the AndPlus employee professional development program mentoring and guiding employees in their technical business and management skills development. Chris received a BA in Computer Science from Clark University and is a certified Scrum Master.

The Team Leads at AndPlus are key to maximizing success in every project. It#39;s their job to map out every facet of your project. This includes providing structure for your codebase deciding on the most appropriate platforms languages and frameworks to build a great software product. 

Under the guidance of our leadership we#39;ve built a culture designed to bring the best out of our people and deliver impactful solutions for our clients.

AndPlus invests in attracting and retaining engineering and project management experts who share our commitment to service excellence timely delivery effective solutions and amazing client experiences. In fact our employees average tenure far outpaces the industry average — a testament to a vibrant office environment intellectually challenging work and abundant growth opportunities.

We believe that clients are a vital part of creating exceptional solutions and provide them with full access and visibility to every stage of the solution development process; discovery strategy pricing scheduling coding testing and delivery. For our client that means no surprises – ever and the results that we achieve exceed expectations – always.

At AndPlus collaboration means a lot more than just effective client-team communication. Creating elegant solutions is about skillfully blending expertise across multiple disciplines to exceed the desired result and achieve a solution that is greater than what was initially thought possible — the AndPlus of the solution. To support this collaboration every stage of the development process takes place under one roof in our Boston-based facility. No offshore or contract development teams - ever.

For some technical teams building solutions is simply about applying technologies to solve a problem. For AndPlus its not only about getting the job done right on time and on budget but also about innovation – working closely with our clients leveraging technologies to achieve solutions that exceed expectations and deliver exceptional user experiences every time.


AndPlus is a technology consulting and development firm that helps clients accelerate digital transformation by closing the gap between strategy and execution. Fusing deep technical and business expertise with a custom Agile development process we help our clients rapidly implement digital transformation strategies that achieve optimal results with less risk.

For more than a decade AndPlus strategists builders innovators engineers and designers have pushed the boundaries of mobile web IoT firmware and advanced technologies to create or improve processes and products that deliver measurable value and exceptional user experiences.

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257 Turnpike Road Southborough MA

257 Turnpike Road Southborough MA