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Developing a Customer Experience Strategy Guide by Ansafone Contact Centers

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It',s imperative that today’s companies  focus on improving customer experience in order to improve customer satisfaction and nurture strong customer relationships, which in turn can increase customer advocacy and loyalty, as well as boost sales and revenue. And although it’s easy to recognize its importance, identifying how to actually accomplish stellar customer experience can be a challenge. The best place to begin is with a

customer experience strategy.
The following are some keys to developing sound customer experience strategy:
Company-wide Engagement The customer experience has to be driven by your leaders, whose authority and vision can help ensure the strategy becomes an essential part of company culture. According to an IDC survey, 72.3 percent of respondents indicated that their company’s customer experience strategy is borne by CEOs or other senior executives. If leaders are not onboard with your customer experience strategy, it will most likely fail
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