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Customer Experience Guide Page 3 by Ansafone Contact Centers

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The Customer Journey

Understanding your customer is undoubtedly the most important aspect to improving customer experience. The first step is to mine the data that you most likely already have. Doing so can provide critical insights into existing and target customers’ needs, wants, pain points and moments of truth. With this information, you can create clear customer personas that can be used in a journey map, which is

a visual representation of customers’ interactions with your company across all touchpoints. Journey maps are the most effective way to identify the challenges customers encounter in their interactions with your company. 

Align with Business Processes

In order for your CX strategy to be successful, business operations must align with the determined strategy. This requires a full understanding of your business’ objectives, brand promise and environment. In addition, consider the following questions:

• How well do internal processes support customer journeys?

• Where do gaps exist between customer expectations and current experience?

• What assets can be used to enhance the customer experience?

• What new technology, people or processes are required to accomplish new objectives through CX strategy?

Competitive Analysis

It’s been estimated that by 2020, customer experience will be the key differentiator between competitors, overshadowing both quality and price. Considering this, it’s important to understand your competitors and marketplace to identify opportunities to set your company apart from the others through customer experience. 

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