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At Arktura we make design happen. For over a decade Arktura has been at the forefront of architectural design and fabrication delivering groundbreaking award-winning products and custom projects working in collaboration with architects and interior designers around the world.

Creativity expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology shape everything we do—from our beginnings in furniture to our range of flexible architectural products and customizable systems to our fully custom Solutions Studio projects. Think of us as the fabricators of possibility.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together architects designers programmers engineers and artists with a deep understanding of the creative process. We use our collective ingenuity to bridge the gaps between design intent and manufacturing capabilities creating proprietary software and adapting machinery to meet evolving demands.

Each of our divisions draw on these shared values and resources to produce precise intelligent and visually stunning results. Browse our library or contact us today to see how our potential can work for you.


Arktura was founded by Rob Kilian Chris Kabatsi and Kevin Kane three architects and former classmates at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Their mission was to leverage cutting edge technology and software in combination with a deep understanding of design to push the boundaries of manufacturing. Our now global team continues on this mission finding new ways to fuse design with novel technologies and methods to allow architectural products and custom manufacturing to take on new synergies. We leverage these every day to deliver elegant and innovative client-driven design solutions that elevate and inspire the worlds where people live work and play. (Photo from June 2017 feature in Metropolis Magazine)

Our architectural systems are devised with flexibility in mind combining powerful design variables that allow each product to be tailored to a wide range of environments. Our growing line of offerings including acoustic solutions ceiling clouds and baffles interior and exterior panel systems and building facades set new standards across the A+D community in terms of design aesthetic adaptability and product quality.

Each of our standardized products is an easy-to-use highly flexible ’tool set.’ From overall configuration right down to attachment points perforations patterns and finishes the variables designed into each core product set can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Explore our products library to see the results—visual impact simple refinement and ease of installation.

The openness flexibility and exceptional manufacturing capabilities that inform Arkturas standardized products define the essence of the Solutions Studio—our home for truly unique custom assignments. If your project lies beyond the scope of our pre-configured architectural systems let the Solutions Studio become your partner in design and execution.

Every custom project unfolds through a fully collaborative process. Members of our project management team host intensive conversations to understand the unique demands of your project and to help further your design intent. Workflow is carefully managed and our manufacturing techniques and infrastructure are adapted to achieve the highest levels of precision and visual impact. We brainstorm test code and expand resources and capabilities—whatever it takes to make your ambition a reality.


Arktura was founded by architects who believe in the careful recruitment and training of great people. We take a multidisciplinary approach to project teams drawing from our in-house staff of architects engineers designers technologists and artists to maximize flexibility and creativity while maintaining our core values.

Expertise in architecture and design allows us to grasp each projects goals and pursue them through to flawless execution. Our exceptional standards—both technical and aesthetic—demand a high degree of openness and an uncompromising dedication to precision.

Our sales representatives know that ambitious design comes with risks. From pre-design conversations and onwards they contribute expertise and local knowledge to mitigate inherent risks and help ensure the success of your project. Our in-house sales team is augmented by a global network of highly knowledgeable independent representatives extending our capacity to offer on-the-ground support. Whatever your location our budgets and delivery schedules will always be clear efficient and intelligent.

Request a meeting to review your project and well work to support you every step of the way.

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Every Arktura project benefits from our commitment to systematic research and development. We embrace leading manufacturing technologies and consistently open doors to new ways of working. When it comes to client interactions and project management our curiosity and ingenuity allow us to act as true design partners listening closely exploring possibilities and adapting our processes accordingly.

Those same qualities make us nimble manufacturers. Our factory operates as a design and engineering studio constantly bridging the gap between the digital and the physical world. Whatever the assignment we operate within tolerances normally found in aerospace industries—where competitors measure in fractions of inches we measure in microns.

Because carbon neutrality matters.

Arktura is a carbon-neutral company. Manufacturing in Los Angeles and Rotterdam and shipping products globally we take significant steps to care for the world in which we live. We participate in programs that support reforestation clean power and environmental conservation. We are actively expanding our involvement in these global efforts now and into the future.

True innovation starts with sustainable practices.

We take pride in creating products that incorporate smart material sourcing and efficient processing. All our materials have a high proportion of recycled content and can be processed for recycling.

Designing and manufacturing at Arktura HQ.

At Arktura design and manufacturing go hand in hand. We apply the same creativity and innovation to our own processes as we do to our clients projects and our vision for every product extends across its entire life cycle. Making a better product starts with designing a better factory and when we manufacture in a cleaner more environmentally friendly way we feel it at home. We deploy Lean and Six-Sigma methods to create efficient workflows and infrastructure to benefit our team your project and ultimately the planet.

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