Wound Healing Foundation: Artifex Technology Consulting, Inc. (Out of Business) Design project at Qualified.One

Wound Healing Foundation by Artifex Technology Consulting, Inc. (Out of Business)

Some details

The Wound Healing Foundation had no existing website prior to contracting with Artifex through a referral. We worked with the organization to provide a custom design that demonstrated the professional nature of this entity. We used Zurb Foundation 5 Framework to build a responsive mobile friendly experience for their users which is particularly useful when the organization is at conferences and their users have no “real”

computer. We work with the WHF on a regular basis making updates to their website and content as needed and have an ongoing relationship.

According to WHF, they get so many compliments on their website on a regular basis. They say they are aware people view the WHF in a professional light because the website is so well done. They are also finding the mobile friendly responsive design really beneficial to their user base.


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