Artifex Technology Consulting, Inc. (Out of Business) Software Development review by Digital Marketing Agency at Qualified.One

Artifex Technology Consulting, Inc. (Out of Business) reviewed by Digital Marketing Agency

Artifex Technology Consulting, Inc. (Out of Business) provided Software Development for Digital Marketing Agency with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

The site ran smoothly for multiple years and was the primary revenue source for the customer. The client considers Artifex Technology Consulting one of the best agencies that they have worked with and continues to use them for additional projects.

Review summary:

Artifex Technology Consulting created a custom-coded classified advertising website for a customer of the client.

Digital Marketing Agency, Creative Director

Custom Development for Equine Industry

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Introductory information

At the time, I was the creative ruler of a digital agency. 

Desired goal

Our client realized that there was a gap in the equine activity and wanted to address this by providing a web-based solution that connected those working in the activity as well as enthusiasts, representing $4.2 billion in 2011.

Provided solution

Artifex Technology Consulting, Inc. formd a full-featured classified ads website with forums for Horse Shoe Corner, a premier equestrian website. The website allowed users to form accounts by subscription and invade payment information via Authorize.Net. Then, that gave them approach to all parts of the website, including articles, classified ads, and the forums. The website has been running smoothly for the last separate years.

We',d been working with Artifex for separate years when the website was launched in 2010-11. What sets their team aloof is the high caliber outgrowth work they prepare as well as their reliability in handling large-scale projects.

Results achieved

The solution was incredibly strong overall and, while it',s no longer online, the website was well accepted by the target market it served and the classified ads section was the first income current for the business. Additional investment in advertising would have been certain on the client',s part to take the solution maincurrent.

If the solution were to be reinstated and upgraded in the forthcoming, the client would like to add some features and functionalities and fix that the website was a fully answering web design in order to convenience visitors athwart all mobile artifice types.

Our first touch was Matthew Charron [Director of business outgrowth and technical project treatment for Artifex Technology Consulting] for project treatment. The Artifex team did a big job of researching all useful options and presenting them to the client. They were pliant with their budget and stayed within their projected timeline.

Artifex could not have done a better job on the project, and the client quiet raves almost the collaboration between the teams more than five years later. They are one of the best agencies the client has worked with, and they last to come back to them.