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Big Leap is an organic digital marketing agency, focused on creating custom and personalized solutions for our clients. We combine elements of organic search (SEO), online PR, content marketing, and marketing automation to create an organic marketing cam

Our CEO and founder Bryan Phelps first developed an interest in SEO during college. In the years that followed that interest became the passion that guided his career. As his experience grew so did his awareness and discomfort for the lack of integrity and transparency that seemed to plague the industry. He witnessed empty promises obscured data and shortcut methods resulting in Google penalties and future complications.

’Scenarios like this were all too common during my early years working for various SEO agencies; they eroded client relationships and infected internal culture like a virus. A big part of it was a lot of SEO agencies were able to take advantage of people because it can be a little technical and confusing.’

It wasnt long before Bryan decided to break away from the corrupted standard and do things differently. In 2008 he founded Big Leap with the sole intention of providing brands with a trustworthy source of organic sustainable growth. What began as a small one-man startup flourished into the agency we are today — built on trust focused on relationships and motivated by the long term success of every client we work with.

To this day trust stands at the center of everything we do. As a result we have been able to secure long-term relationships with our clients and achieve great success for not only their businesses but ours as well.

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Heres the thing about our SEO agency: We prefer long-term partnerships that are deeply rooted in trust. Before we dive right into this wed like to get to know you better get a feel for your current situation and talk about your marketing goals and expectations.

You can call us now or we can meet over lunch. Either way were excited to meet you.

Big Leap has been recognized for its growth (Inc 5000, MWCN Utah100), for its marketing success (Impact Award, AMA), and also it's amazing culture (Best Companies to Work For).