Roadie: Big Nerd Ranch Design project at Qualified.One

Roadie by Big Nerd Ranch

Some details

Every day, 250 million passenger vehicles hit the road. Roadie founder Marc Gorlin envisioned an app that would disrupt the shipping industry by taking advantage of these drivers and their billion square feet of unused cargo space, allowing users to quickly and more efficiently send items—even ones that normally can’t be sent by mail.

Leveraging Roadie’s existing visual designs and brand standards, we crafted custom UI

designs that encapsulate the best practices and unique capabilities of each platform. Creating platform-specific designs reduces development scope and gives iOS and Android users the experience they’ve come to expect.

The Roadie brand was carefully integrated into the app and is reflected in the visuals of the user interface. Roadie was built with a solid UX strategy and an architectural foundation that allowed the client to get to market quickly with a robust and stable app. Our focus was on code quality and finding the right solutions for the project, allowing us to rapidly add new features and pivot where needed.

The results are clear: In just six months after launching in January 2015, the company celebrated more than 100,000 downloads and received accolades across both mainstream and tech media.

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