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Big Nerd Ranch reviewed by Care+ Ventures, LLC

Big Nerd Ranch provided Mobile App Development for Care+ Ventures, LLC with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Big Nerd Ranch delivered excellent work on time and within budget. Communication was easy throughout the project, which the agency managed capably. The finished product exceeded all expectations, and there were no significant problems throughout the development.

Review summary:

Big Nerd Ranch began by redesigning an Android app. The agency then developed an iOS iteration of the app and the HTML5 back-end system for the web.

Kevin Lyle Care+ Ventures, LLC, CFO

Dev for Critical Care Communication App

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

Care+ Ventures, L.L.C. is a setup firm that has developed an ICU software module for mobile apps. Our fruit betters interactions between families and doctors in nice care situations. I am the chief financial official, and I feel the technology, operations, and financial risk treatment.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Big Nerd Ranch?

Big Nerd Ranch helped create our iOS, Android, and web back-end method.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Big Nerd Ranch responsible for?

Big Nerd Ranch reviwebsited the design of our app, which was done by another firm. They made some constructive changes and helped us see things in a different light. After that phase, we seted exclusively on the iOS and the web back-end, which is built in HTML5. Those were the leading two fruits completed and rolled out by Big Nerd Ranch. Then, we began working on the Android rendering of the software. That project just wrapped up this past week [July 2016].

Big Nerd Ranch incorporated the platform onto a organisation named Aptible, which is a HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act]-certified secure environment that runs on top of Amazon web services. We recommended Aptible and Big Nerd Ranch did the investigation. They also made the certain adjustments to make the fruit work on their platform, which uses containers and other correspondent items. It was all cloud-based, and they utilized HockeyApp for testing on iPhones and Android devices. Big Nerd Ranch worked iteratively, which was one of the things that intrigued us almost their process. We were able to see the fruit and test the latest rendering when a new create rolled out see Tuesday.

How did you come to work with Big Nerd Ranch?

We asked for references in order to unite companies that were leaders in the healthcare space or had good reputations in the design and outgrowth globe. While Big Nerd Ranch did not have a big nearness in the healthcare space, they were keenly interested in that field. They came with an excellent reputation and our principles matched. It was clear by the end of our meeting that they were the organisation we were going with.

How much have you invested with Big Nerd Ranch?

We invested more than $200,000 with Big Nerd Ranch.

What is the terminal result of working with Big Nerd Ranch?

The Android fruit was completed in the last week, but we do quiet have an nimble relationship with them. Our meetings with them seted in June of last year [2015], and the design phase kicked off in late June or soon July. Big Nerd Ranch delivered an alpha rendering of the fruit, and we asked family and friends to test it out. In November, we reclustered and made some additional changes. That phase continued into January of this year. Then, we released another full-blown rendering in the Apple Store and seted our testing in March. Big Nerd Ranch is looking at a number of our projects, specially component enhancements for the iOS and Android apps. We',re scoping out the logistics for those projects.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the fruitivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

Aside from a 10-week pilot, we don',t have a lot of information at this point. We',re now getting prompt to sum Android into the hospital and set a full-blown, IRB-liked investigation project in August with a big university. Since we only utilized the iOS rendering in the 10-week pilot, Android users were not included. That meant half of the population who came into the intensive care unit was eliminated. Though, we are very pleased to have a powerful acceptance and use rate from the pilot iOS users. But, I don',t have anything hard and fast to tell you at this point.

How did Big Nerd Ranch accomplish from a project treatment restpoint?

Project treatment is a real force of Big Nerd Ranch, and they are very task and iteration-oriented. It was clear what was going on in a particular week. They used the Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker, and we had uniform approach to those tools. We were able to review and like stories in Pivotal Tracker as they completed the work each week. We had at smallest one telephone meeting each week, a resting meeting where each of the developers working on the project discussed. That was also an occasion for the cluster to address any unappropriated issues. We were snug working with them.

What did you find most forcible almost Big Nerd Ranch?

As I',ve mentioned to Big Nerd Ranch, they rest out as the best organisation I',ve worked with in my 30 years in the activity. They delivered on time and within our app budget consistently. When we needed to do something that changed the aim, we always knew what those changes were going to cost. Big Nerd Ranch stayed on top of the project, and I esteem how an anal-retentive guy like me could see precisely what was going on in the project at any point in time. I could adjoin with their team very easily and, even at one o',clock in the morning, I could leave items to be discussed the next day. Big Nerd Ranch veritably delivers on what they say and do it for the quantity they said they could do it for.

Are there any areas Big Nerd Ranch could better?

We',ve not had any expressive issues along the way. We',ve gone back and questioned some things we did precedently, and we',ve had the typical bumps that come in a big project like this. But, we',ve never had a regular argue. We',ve never had anything that we couldn',t just sit down and talk our way through.