OH: Driving Scale And Growth To A Business At A Crossroad: BLVR Branding project at Qualified.One

OH: Driving Scale And Growth To A Business At A Crossroad by BLVR

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Research/ Brand Strategy / Brand Story / Brand Identity / Photography &, Videography / Packaging


OH is an organic cold pressed juice bar located in San Diego. Their business was built on quality but had trouble scaling— the San Diego juice market was crowded, training customers to accept cheaper, inferior products. The quality narrative needed to shift while adding value to the OH



Consumer research identified that our target audience treated eating as a form of self respect. It reflected how they saw themselves and their world. A clean, organic, microbiome friendly diet gave their body the fuel to be the best they could be physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Our solution was to drive value at every level of the business. We shifted our business model from a store slinging juice to a wellness company that offered a holistic range of services from juice, to food and nutritional coaching. An emphasis was placed on subscription-based memberships to drive long-term loyalty. Next, we built a brand strategy around being purpose-led. This territory elevated us above a category obsessed with ingredients and mass production. To compliment this, we created an emotional brand story around self actualization—OH helps you be the best you can possibly be thanks to uncompromising quality. Finally, we created a new brand identity and art direction along with product and lifestyle photography that elevated the brand with more premium elements.


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