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Tony Robbins - Unshakeable : Branding A Best-Selling Book by BLVR

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Asset Creation/ Product Design/ Website Design and Development


Tony Robbins, the motivational guru and New York Times best selling author was about to launch his next book - Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook - in collaboration with Peter Mallouck. With a significant PR strategy locked in, Tony needed a digital strategy to support massive buzz that was about to



Tony had a strong digital network through social media and his various network relationships. This needed to leveraged to turn his fanbase into supporters of his new endeavor. 


Together with Tony Robbins marketing team, BLVR created a new website that provided users with content teasers from the book, third-party endorsements and a seamless way to purchase.  A social media shareables page was created to allow users to share Unshakeable quotes with their network via pre-written and designed Facebook and Twitter posts. We created a series of compelling graphics – incorporating brand assets and aspirational imagery – paired with poignant book quotes and links to exclusive content. Tony utilized these graphics on his personal social media accounts, resulting in a high volume of social engagement, site traffic, product equity and recognition, and sales conversions.


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