Brainspire Solutions Helps Vail Resorts Modernize and Enhance Legacy Software: Brainspire Solutions Web Development project at Qualified.One

Brainspire Solutions Helps Vail Resorts Modernize and Enhance Legacy Software by Brainspire Solutions

Some details

The Situation

  • Vail Resorts relied on over 20 legacy legacy applications to support their resort operations with most of the software in production for more than 15 years
  • Employees were forced to use multiple applications for basic customer interactions
  • The learning curve for their applications was inefficient, expensive and difficult
  • A previous consulting
firm attempted to assist Vail Resorts with a re-architecture effort, but missed the mark

The Solution

  • Vail Resorts engaged Brainspire to assist with the upgrade and feature enhancement of multiple legacy applications into a single system with a modern web services architecture
  • Brainspire helped build a more intuitive user interface for more efficient workflows
  • Brainspire introduced more thorough testing processes to ensure new and existing business cases and logic were being met
  • Brainspire assisted with the new architecture using MVVM best practices and Prism

The Benefit

  • With a modern architecture and Improved code quality, future changes and enhancements to the code base are less risky
  • Modernization has made the code base more understandable and better aligned to enable adoption of newer technologies
  • The enterprise level applications are easier and faster to learn for seasonal employees
  • Continued feature enhancements are easier to build and deploy

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