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Brainspire Helps Global Insulation Manufacturer Increase Shop Floor Productivity by Brainspire Solutions

Some details

The Situation

  • A manufacturing client had a variety of unreliable systems in place to collect data from multiple plant shop floors
  • Inaccurate production and inventory data was being sent to financial reporting systems affecting ongoing business decisions
  • Various workarounds were being used by shop floor workers and plant managers
  • There was a critical need for real time
data collection from a multitude of shop floor systems

The Solution

  • Brainspire created an easy to use system which integrated with shop floor components to automatically collect reliable data
  • An extensible architecture was created with the ability to add new plants and new types of materials
  • Brainspire leveraged 3rd party software for real time data collection from shop floor machines including flow meters, cameras, scanners, and scales
  • Brainspire built a scheduling interface to pull data from SAP to tell the shop floor operators when and how much of each product to make

The Benefit

  • A new intuitive interface allowed shop floor employees to adopt the new systems quickly with minimal training
  • Data collection errors were eliminated from shop floor machines by reducing manual processes
  • Data accuracy of “materials used” and “inventory created” improved in the client’s financial data
  • The system was expended to 37 plants across the United States

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