Brainspire Delivers Custom Solution to M&A Leader: Brainspire Solutions Web Development project at Qualified.One

Brainspire Delivers Custom Solution to M&A Leader by Brainspire Solutions

Some details

The Situation

  • SRS Acquiom manages the process of validating shareholders and distributing payouts associated with a merger or acquisition
  • The organization began a strategic initiative to develop new online offerings to better serve their clients – buyers and sellers of companies
  • SRS Acquiom maintained all its data and documentation within one single core application (NetSuite),
which was not entirely accessible by outside sources or performing as needed. The company needed a new database and secure portal solutions to better serve customer needs and scale.

The Solution

  • Brainspire created a new Operational Data Store to be synched with all NetSuite data
  • Brainspire developed new secure ETL processes to automate the synchronous transfer of data between NetSuite and ODS
  • Brainspire developed a new micro service architecture wrapper around this data to provide an API framework for other applications to interact with this data
  • Brainspire assisted in the development of new web properties and dashboards to automate online interactions

The Benefit

  • SRS Acquiom now has a high performing Operational Data Store that will scale as their business expands
  • SRS Acquiom now has a secure API framework to make all data accessible for future development projects
  • With the new architecture, the client can quickly build new user interfaces to serve customer needs

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