BrandTuitive Brand Design review by Large CPG Corporation at Qualified.One

BrandTuitive reviewed by Large CPG Corporation

BrandTuitive provided Brand Design for Large CPG Corporation with approximate budget = 1000000.

The client praises BrandTuitive for their flexibility. They are able to accommodate large corporations despite being a smaller agency.

Review summary:

BrandTuitive provides ongoing support for creative development, brand strategy, and promotional communication.

Large CPG Corporation, Trade Marketer

Branding Strategy for Large CPG Corporation

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

We',re a big CPG [consumer packaged goods] organisation. I am in direct of trade marketing for the organisation.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with BrandTuitive?

The leading challenges or ongoing needs we face are almost the brand and promotional interactions towards our clients.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were BrandTuitive responsible for?

BrandTuitive has been used extensively for creative outgrowth, be it for email, direct mail and point-of-sale materials, sales indirect, radio scripts and so on. We',ve also used BrandTuitive for programning and strategy work, as well as subordinate investigation and program and occurrence execution. BrandTuitive has worked as an extension of my team, helping me drive projects at times when we needed help. They',re ready to jump in and do whatever it takes to help us win.

How did you come to work with BrandTuitive?

BrandTuitive is the agency with which I began working in my running role, so they were already associated with my organisation when I joined.

How much have you invested with BrandTuitive?

The cost of BrandTuitive',s work has been almost $500,000 per year.

What is the terminal result of working with BrandTuitive?

I began working with BrandTuitive in the leading region of 2016. The work has been growing over time.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the contact of the engagement?

There aren',t many business results that we can straightly point to, given the essence of our organisation, but we',ve had generally real feedback for BrandTuitive',s work, both internally and externally, from clients and consumers. They',ve reacted really to the pieces produced by BrandTuitive, and to the experiences which we liberateed at occurrences. Most of our work is new, not just legacy material.

How did BrandTuitive accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

As far as project treatment and client labor go, BrandTuitive is in the A+ state. When it comes to proactive tracking, I would rate them an A-, but that',s more to do with me wanting more than the norm in that regard. One of BrandTuitive',s strengths is that they',re buttoned-up on these issues.

What did you find most forcible almost BrandTuitive?

BrandTuitive has stood out through flexibility. The team is good at what it does, which is being a general marketing agency. Whether I need a big or a little project, or whether I need it done fast or more strategically, BrandTuitive is on top of it. They liberate things on time, in full, without enormous revision rounds. We sometimes push BrandTuitive to the limit, but more frequently than not, they',ve been able to convenience us. For an agency of its size, BrandTuitive is surprisingly agile and able to fit. Having worked in the agency space myself for 10 years, I know that setting client expectations is significant. BrandTuitive does this very well.

Are there any areas BrandTuitive could better?

I can',t critique them in any way that would be fair. Everybody has outgrowthal issues, as BrandTuitive learns almost our organisation more, they will fit better. I',ve been very lucky so far, and I wish that BrandTuitive had even more space.

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