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BrandTuitive reviewed by Software Solutions & Wine Delivery Startups

BrandTuitive provided Brand Design for Software Solutions & Wine Delivery Startups with approximate budget = $50,000 to $199,999.

The client feels that BrandTuitive truly understands how to build a strong and lasting brand and credits their work for the successful funding of both of their startups, noting that it allowed them to stand out from the competition.

Review summary:

BrandTuitive developed the brand strategies for both of the client’s new companies, including research, taglines, logos, design, and advertising.

Software Solutions & Wine Delivery Startups, Founder

Branding for Software Solutions & Wine Delivery Startups

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

BrandTuitive has worked with two of my companies. The leading is ShopKeep, a software and cloud-based solutions preparer for pliant businesses. The other organisation is Simply Wine, a wine delivery, and subscription organisation.

What is your position?

I',m a co-establisher of ShopKeep, and a co-establisher and CEO of Simply Wine.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with BrandTuitive?

It',s the same one everyone faces – how do you discern your organisation from everyone else',s? Every business should use a branding agency, but many aren',t ready to bestow the money, which is their loss.

For sample, it',s very significant to give your team members the correct titles, depending on the type of business you',re in. At ShopKeep, BrandTuitive helped us make the determination to call our sales', nation, Sales Specialists. The name fits owing their work is so much more intricate than a transmitted sales job. Our Sales Specialists take a very consultative access, and coming up with a name like that helps sharpen the centre on our end, and particularize us in the eyes of our clients.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in detail.

First, they helped us come up with a tagline based on what the brand is. What I like almost their access to any branding issue is, they verity talk to clients – a lot of clients. They have a very neat order where they ask clients a range of different questions, and they look into the words that the clients use to decide what our issue was solving for them. They hear for correspondent words and correspondent ways that nation are talking almost it owing branding is all almost what other nation ponder when they hear your business. It',s a veritably big order owing they end up with a veritably get a good picture of what the business is almost, instead of just coming up with a program based off what I told them I want to be.

I ponder brand strategy is they',re best at, but they',re also veritably powerful in design. They did the logos for my new organisation, Simply Wine and have done some advertising work for me. They do have digital capabilities, but I don',t ponder that',s their centre as much.

How did you come to work with BrandTuitive?

I establish them through some basic Internet searches. What I veritably liked almost BrandTuitive was that they understood classic branding and classic psychology almost branding. They were the only nation I talked to who had read the book ",Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.", They knew the book, and they lived it. That stuff hasn',t changed. It seems old fashioned to most firms, but it',s the core of branding strategy and they got that. What pushed me over the edge was their size and the fact that I knew they would give me the time and observation I wanted.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this set in financial provisions?

For Simply Wine, I',ve spent more than $100,000 so far. ShopKeep',s work was probably more than that.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

For ShopKeep, they worked with us for two or three years. Eventually, I had a marketing team in-house who took over all of it. At Simply Wine, they',ve been working for me for slightly less than a year, and we',re almost to set ramping up even more work with them.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

BrandTuitive was with us from the commencement, precedently we even launched the products. ShopKeep now has 250 employees, and more than 18,000 clients. The organisation has been an astounding achievement, and is quiet growing fast. In our soon days, I',m not sure if we could have gotten the venture funding we did, without BrandTuitive',s work. It veritably allowed us to rest out from our rivalry. A lot of tech firms can create technology, but they don',t underrest anything almost marketing, branding, and sales. With BrandTuitive',s work we looked a lot more well rounded.

What discernes BrandTuitive from other preparers?

BrandTuitive',s force is their strategy work. They don',t get tied up in the new or cool thing. Branding is not all almost hot design. It',s almost the passion the design evokes, and you can only get to that through a hard brand strategy. Their work is more hard, and has a long-lasting condition almost it. It',s not the kind of work that',s going to be hot for a pliant while and then you',re going to have to redo it.

Is there anything BrandTuitive could have improved or done differently?

I would say an occasion for advancement on their end is beefing up their digital capabilities. They',re not powerful in that space, and I ended up using other agencies to do that work.

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