Same Grain -Privacy first social discovery app: Bytelion Design project at Qualified.One

Same Grain -Privacy first social discovery app by Bytelion

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The Client Challenge

SameGrain asked Bytelion to develop a privacy-first, social discovery application for both web and mobile platforms utilizing a MVP (minimal viable product) they had developed. The purpose of the application was to create a safe  and engaging place where people could meet based on commonalities of interest or geography, but with privacy and anonymity as the primary differentiator from other social

networking sites.

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The Bytelion Solution

Bytelion completely redesigned the initial prototype for user experience and aesthetics, and worked collaboratively to create an award-winning application. We created a new look and feel for the web platform as well as the mobile application, and created complex algorithms to match personalities based on multiple connections. We also developed machine learning systems to improve the matches over time, and continue to work closely with SameGrain to enhance the platform’s functionality as well as new products and match points.

SameGrain  has received multiple industry accolades, including the Appy Award for best social sharing app and the Best Mobile App Award. SameGrain also recently received a four out of five star review from iPhoneLife magazine and the app has been featured in multiple publications.

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