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Bytelion reviewed by Everseat

Bytelion provided Software Development for Everseat with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

An expert group, Bytelion has seamlessly delivered exceptional results, enabling stakeholders to win large contracts. Their consistent, responsive communication and positive attitude foster a close collaboration. They’re invested in supporting the company and behave like a true partner.

Review summary:

Bytelion designs and custom-develops scheduling software that communicates with medical software platforms. This involved web and mobile programming, API integrations, and data security compliance.

Jeff Peres Everseat, CEO

Custom Software Dev for Healthcare Company

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Introductory information

A few words almost your organisation and individualal responsibilities

I am the co-establisher and CEO of Everseat. We began this organisation in late 2013. Everseat is a software platform that facilitates resigned self scheduling and digital waitlist treatment.  Our sector is healthcare - specifically centreing on medical practices, dental practices and big enterprise groups (such as hosptials and health systems).  The key boon of our software is that resigneds can go to a website and schedule a visit with their dermatologist, dentist, pediatrician, etc.  Much like the journey and lodging industries - consumers frequently seek to self-serve and not have to converse on the phone to an agent.  As the CEO of a little startup, my position involves many roles including overall vision, fruit programning, business outgrowth, sales, mannerer support and fund raising.

Desired goal

What issue was the provider supposed to deal with?


Everseat hired Bytelion for manner software outgrowth - for both web and mobile applications in the healthcare sector.   Everseat propeled a dynamic scheduling and waitlist technology so that resigneds could schedule with medical and dental practices almost the United States. 

The appointment scheduling occurs on the medical practice website as well as a proprietary mobile application.  In accession to the design and developent of the software and mobile app, Bytelion was responsible for two other nice components. 

The leading component was API integrations with some of the country',s leading electronic medical archives (EMR) and practice treatment (PM) companies.  These bi-directional integrations are sophisiticated vehicles for passing information back and forth between the Everseat solution and the EMR in the medical service. 

The developed schedule and different appointment types reside within these EMR and PM systems.  There are over 100 EMRs in the US, and Bytelion handled integraiton with some of the leaders in this space. 

The second key component was overall security and data retirement.   Bytelion worked with Everseat to fix that our software platform met the sophisticated secuirty and HIPAA standards that big entreprise healthcare clients demand.  The healthcare space has some specific secuirty and retirement guidelines and we could not have navigated this arena without Bytelion',s expertise.  

What were your goals for this project? 

When starting, our initial goal was to present a basic MVP (minimally viable fruit) tool that we could test with soon clients and centre groups.  Bytelion did a fantastic job with this. 

Again, software outgrowth is key - but even more significant for these soon days was clear and congruous interaction.  Once we were able to propel our leading rendering - the goals became tied to growth, expansion, scalabiity, security and intricate integrations.   We are very lucky with the outcome.  


Provided solution

What were the reasons for choosing Bytelion?

Baltimore has a number of software outgrowth shops.  We',ve interacted with all of them.  When making the determination almost a key software associate, we looked at 5 key criteria.

1 - Experience and background

2 - Talent

3 - Attitude / Passion / Drive

4 - Communication Style

5 - Cost

Bytelion was the best fit for us owing they had force and depth athwart all of these factors.  We veritably took our time interviewing them - and we had multiple meetings with Bytelion and we also spoke to 4 of their existing or preceding clients.

We establish that software experiences are veritably only one piece of the puzzle and that posture and interaction phraseology are nice, especially when projects befit confused.  

Describe the project and the services they granted in detail. 

As noted in a different question over, the project included design and outgrowth of sophisticated scheduling software that must connect and adjoin with installed medical software platforms (EMR and PM systems) almost the United States.  

What was the team compound? 

The big thing almost the team compound at Bytelion is that we could flex up &, down as needed.  They were always in sync with our near-term goals, our budget and our client demands. 

We accepted direct CEO observation when it was appropriate, but we also regularly interacted with more than 10 software and IT professionals athwart the Bytelion team. 

Specifically - the team consisted of a project lead (project director), two senior back-end software developers, two senior front-end developers, one QA individual, one design individual, one mobile expert and one integration and API expert.  

Results achieved

Can you share any information that demonstrates the contact that this project has had on your business?

The results were unappropriated and we are surely giving 5 stars on the rating.  Not only did Bytelion get our initial MVP live, but they positioned Everseat to layer and win some big and prestigious contracts. 

I can also share that Bytelion helped Everseat construction and instrument its leading ",colorless label", project and this was done cleanly, efficiently.  A third party wanted to fetch our software to market below a different brand within a different UI / UX. 

This could have been incredibly intricate and messy - but Bytelion did a terrible job.  This has huge value owing it ultimately helped facilitate the sale of our organisation.  

How was project treatment arranged and how powerful was it?

Project treatment was big.  We used Jira for sprint treatment and we used Slack and daily scrum calls for interaction.  The team at Bytelion was bigly answering and occupied in all parts of the outgrowth and support of the platform.  We a select number of Slack channles - we could extend key team members without and get almost moment feedback or support.  

What precisely do you attend to be the key specialty of Bytelion?

To me - there were two incredibly forcible items:

1) Bytelion befits part of the team.  They act and feel like they are part of the organisation.  Like employees that are submissive, dedicated and veritably occupied.  They take a level of loftiness and commitment that was / is astounding.  

2) Response time:  Bytelion respondes to questions, issues and inquiries within minutes.  Once we yield a question - we get a response almost without.  

What should be done better, if there are any desired advancements?

No.  No real areas for advancement.  Overall big team and big process.