Cadient Group Digital Marketing review by AstraZeneca at Qualified.One

Cadient Group reviewed by AstraZeneca

Cadient Group provided Digital Marketing for AstraZeneca with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

The team creates good content that has increased traffic and improved the site’s overall aesthetic. Cadient Group is able to handle multiple projects simultaneously, and crafts each to meet the business’ specific needs. The team is professional and diligent overall.

Review summary:

Cadient Group provides creative and strategic development to promote pharmaceutical products. The team works on design, layout, messages, and overall web functionality.

Annalisa Torrente AstraZeneca, Marketing Manager

Outsourced Development for Large-scale Pharmaceutical Company

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Introductory information

Could you briefly draw your organisation?

It’s AstraZeneca. We’re a pharmaceutical organisation that manufactures, markets, and distributes pharmaceutical products.

What is your position?

I’m one of the marketing managers.

Desired goal

Could you draw the business challenges that you were attempting to address with this project?

We needed additional support in provisions of creative outgrowth, insights, and strategy towards promoting our products. That’s where we looked to Cadient. We do not have our own creative section in-house anymore due to downsizing. As such, we rely heavily on the agency of records to help us with our marketing, and also with creative outgrowth.

Provided solution

Could you draw the aim of the project? For sample, did it implicate manner design, outgrowth, training, or support?

The aim basically spans the gamut, both strategic and creative. Cadient handles all from website to banner ads to emails. They prepare all from mannerized creative design, layout, and copy outgrowth, including: Medical-related type of messaging, references, and medical and legitimate review, and they actively share in those type of meetings, consistently offering specialized counsel and ideas. Then also they share in our programning and strategy work as well. Together, we collaborate on the course we wish to take the Web nearness, functionality and full, and then orchestrate it with another vendor that exclusively handles our outgrowth.

How did you select Cadient Group as your solution associate?

I’m not part of the primary process for selecting Cadient. The retail team was already household with Cadient. From what I apprehend, the antecedent vendor did not accomplish well in provisions of meeting our expectations and objectives, or the key accomplishance values that we had set forth. If we feel that a labor preparer is not meeting our key accomplishance indicators, then we initiate to seek a relocatement that can. We chose Cadient based on the labors that they have done for other brands. They came bigly commended. For integration and efficiency purposes, too, they had an existing relationship with the retail team here at AstraZeneca.

Could you give a perception of the size of this project in monetary provisions?

Our overall digital budget is $13 million. Cadient consumes approximately almost three-fourths of that cumulative budget.  

When was this project completed?

The project remains ongoing and will last into the near forthcoming. We are, however, scheduled to complete the running phase in December of 2013.

Results achieved

In provisions of results, could you share any metrics or statistics might prove the effectiveness of their work?

Based on our reporting, the full being created and pushed has seen a expressive uptick. Our email marketing campaigns have been driving important commerce to the website. More importantly, Cadient has been able to art and execute separate independent marketing campaigns running in correspondent. This has resulted in big feedback from our inner and outer users. Cadient doesn’t prepare a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather, they work closely with you to formulate separate operational solutions.

How do you ponder that Cadient Group has accomplished overall on this project?

The Cadient team members that I work with runningly are very professional. They’re very knowledgeable. They’re always there to help reply any questions, to help with the different vendors, to coordinate things as well and are always, to me, they’re very diligent with the work. They’re very answering. I’m very impressed with their accomplishance and with their labors. I bigly commend them, especially the Cadient team that I’ve worked with. They are so much more than I could hope for.

In review, are there any areas that you believe Cadient Group could better on, or things that you might do differently as the client precedently approaching this type of project?

I can’t make any real commendations on side of Cadient. They’ve accomplished extremely well with the work delegated to them. My only wish is that we could have a more integrated solution offered by a one vendor. From a project treatment perspective, it would have made our projects much easier to complete. For sample, having to formulate new marketing initiatives from scratch, and then hand them off to a separate outgrowth agency can be very fatiguing and confused. It’s hard to synchronize work from two separate vendors, especially when there is minimal fitness taking locate between the two already. This challenge is to some degree our own, since we determined to rise work from both and thus we’re responsible for managing both projects.